Bride In Tears After Guests Tuck Into Unusual Cake Before She And The Groom Can Cut It

Bride In Tears After Guests Tuck Into Unusual Cake Before She And The Groom Can Cut It
A bride was left in tears after guests tuck into unusual cake before she and the groom can cut it. Stock image copyright Getty Images (Image: Getty Images)

A bride was left in tears after guests tucked into her wedding cake before she and the groom had a chance to cut it.

Following the arrival of friends and family at 7pm, the newly-weds decided to partake in the tradition of cutting the cake at 8pm.

However "Absolute war broke out" when they found that hungry party-goers had already sliced and devoured part of the cake.

Absolute war broke out
"Absolute war broke out" (Image: Getty Images)

But there may have been a reason for the seemingly outrageous carving of the celebration fayre.

Explaining the nuptial drama on parenting website Mumsnet, user Inigoan said: "Cake in question was a three tiered cake made of different cheeses. Surrounded by grapes and crackers/biscuits. No little bride and groom on top.

"An absolute war broke out about it. Half the people saying well, how were they supposed to know it was the cake, other half saying it was pretty obvious.

"Cake was in a separate room to the bar and dance floor. Bride in tears (or tiers boom boom).

"Around three or four people had taken some of the cake by the time they realised!"

While finding the story funny, many found it hard to sympathise with the bride's reaction.

One commenter thought her reaction was over the top: "Floods of tears sounds a bit much - I think I'd have found it highly amusing and cut it anyway.

"Tbh [to be honest] if they didn’t stick it on a table of its own then I'm sure it could be easily mistaken - no one cuts a wedding cake on purpose unless it’s their own!"

Another said: "A bit annoying perhaps, but really not a big deal to me."

Another pointed out: "Easy mistake to make. Without B&G on top it's just a stack of cheese with crackers around it."

How would you have reacted?

One added: "Annoying but not worth ruining your bridal makeup for."

And some just came for the cheese puns: "Bet the bride was thoroughly cheesed off."

Another adding: "Edamed if you do edamed if you don’t.

"I bet the Bride Cambert it?

"Will she Brie ok?"