It's collapsing! Dan Bin liquidated his position

Dan Bin, the author of "A Rose in Time" and a private equity magnate, couldn't help himself, hundreds of his products have been liquidated, and he himself has made a confirmed response on Snowball. The matter originated from another article "Private equity big man Dan Bin suspected short position, hundreds of products net value almost zero fluctuations! Many large private equity sounded bearish", the author found:Since March, the net value of the products publicly available in Eastern Harbor almost 0 fluctuations, both dodged the big drop, but also did not eat the rebound.

Ruble surges 60% against yuan just as Russia demands gas payments in rubles

Since this year, the Russian ruble exchange rate has experienced a "roller coaster" like the market, due to the impact of the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the ruble suffered a significant decline, and a record, the depreciation rate reached a relatively rare in history, the exchange rate of the RMB showed a unilateral downward market, the cumulative depreciation rate to a record high, therefore, also prompted many investors have to bottom the ruble, waiting for the rebound back up to earn a wave.