Big change: Fed rate hike hits the ground, China goes all out

In contrast, China, after the Financial Committee meeting, a number of ministries and commissions have struck out in succession to fully stabilize the economy and markets to boost confidence. The Fed's current interest rate hike cycle officially launched: four major points to sort out.

Structured deposit balances rebound: corporate category expanding rapidly, hotly sought by 100 listed companies

In the trend of continuous suppression of personal structured deposits, the scale of corporate structured deposits grew at a considerable rate. Li Xiaona Long Min, China Technology Investment. Recently, the data released by the People's Bank of China showed that the balance of structured deposits of all kinds of banks at the end of January was 5.98 trillion yuan, up 17.72% from the previous year.

Which funds are leading the way as the FSC weighs in?

March 16 intraday, the State Council Financial Stability Development Committee released positive signals, the A-shares have been sinking for days, ushering in a long-awaited surge. The funders who turned off the lights and ate noodles in this period also finally dared to open the fund to take a look at the earnings.

U.S. rate hike boots on the ground, in line with expectations, and the market picks up in the aftermath?

Last night it was estimated that many people in the coin circle had a hard time sleeping. After many years of the coin circle becoming more and more international, the first time they faced the Fed's interest rate hike situation, also as we all expected, a 25 basis point hike, a total of 7 times this year, which works out to a bottom rate of 1.89%, to the end of 2023, the bottom rate is 2.8%.

Japan's household financial assets top ¥200 trillion for the first time

The Bank of Japan's money cycle statistics for October to December 2021 released on March 17 showed that Japanese household financial assets grew 4.5% year-on-year to ¥2023 trillion by the end of December 2021, surpassing ¥200 trillion for the first time and increasing for the seventh consecutive quarter.