Buy a phone with this guide, 7 simple and brutal rules for phone shopping

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A few days ago, accompanied his wife to buy a cell phone, turn around the cell phone store. Mendacious cow found that there are still a lot of consumers know very little about cell phones, basically by the shopper dragging a variety of "noble" words to bluff, stepping on the pit is quite a lot of people.

Today, to give you a cell phone shopping guide, simple and brutal 7 key points, please be sure to receive, the next time you buy a cell phone, sure to use.

Buy a phone with this guide, 7 simple and brutal rules for phone shopping

1. If you have sufficient budget, please choose the flagship and other high-end models

Generally speaking, the high-end flagship models of each cell phone brand will use the year's top hardware and systems, while the mid-range and entry-level machines to ensure profits will certainly sacrifice some aspect of performance, like the screen, image, fast charger and other aspects of the reduction, it is difficult to ensure full performance.

Some people may counter that mid-range phones and entry-level machines generally have better battery life performance, and that's because they don't understand why. The same battery configuration, mid-range phones and entry-level machines use processor chips because of the low performance, main frequency is also quite low, the corresponding power consumption will be much lower, so it seems to have a strong battery life. In addition, the overall optimization of a good high-end flagship, not necessarily faster than the low-end models power consumption, such as this year's iPhone 13 Pro Max, powerful performance, battery life is also great.

Mendacious cattle advice, if the budget is sufficient, the body and mind to save effort, directly on the high-end flagship machine is the easiest.

2. The larger the battery capacity, the better

In the case of similar systems, basically the larger the battery capacity means the stronger the battery life. Although individual manufacturers promote their own cell phone system software optimization is good, the battery life is more awesome, do not listen to these foolish words. Optimization has an effect, but definitely not as great as they blow!

In addition, pay special attention to the guide deliberately confuse the concept of battery capacity and fast charger, especially against the elderly, this trick they have tried and failed. The battery is the battery, the charger is the charger, how can parallel substitution? Charger again, you can not charge a day 10 times 8 times it.

Mendacious cow suggested that in 2022, the battery capacity of 4500mAh is a bottom line, the best 5000mAh or more, the charger then 65W is enough, more waste.

Buy a phone with this guide, 7 simple and brutal rules for phone shopping

3. Select the screen, do not only care about the refresh rate

About the screen refresh rate, these two years has been in the manufacturers publicity and education, high refresh rate has also become the best publicity gimmick. Truth be told, 60Hz is certainly not 90Hz, 120Hz looks smooth and fluid, but the screen, you can not just focus on the refresh rate.

High refresh rate is generally only the most useful when the picture quality is very high when the scene is switched frequently, usually daily use is simply not used. For example, when we read novels, the dynamic refresh rate is basically equivalent to 0. Now 144Hz and 165Hz high refresh rate is still more of a publicity gimmick, the actual experience does not make a difference.

In addition to high refresh rate, screen resolution (1080P or 2K), DC dimming/PWM dimming, DCI-P3 wide color gamut, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and MEMC motion compensation are all very important aspects.

Tenacious cattle advice: the basic requirements for the screen in 2022 is 90Hz refresh rate + 1080P resolution, the more flush the other parameters, the better, but do not need to force.

Buy a phone with this guide, 7 simple and brutal rules for phone shopping

4. Imaging system, don't just look at the number of pixels and cameras

At present, the highest pixel used on the phone is 108 million, but do not blindly think that 108 million pixels is certainly better than 50 million pixels of photography. Because the impact of photography, in addition to pixels, there are sensor size, aperture size, autofocus, OIS optical stabilization, and a variety of photo algorithms introduced by various manufacturers and so on.

Cell phone photography is not the number of cameras to win, not to mention that some cameras themselves are only decorative role, even if the real camera, 200W macro, 500W black and white and so is to make up a number, basically can not play any role. Now many big-name manufacturers, basically set the camera in 3, and then the pursuit of more powerful algorithms to improve photography.

Mendacious cattle advice: this year, the preferred combination of main camera high pixel + large bottom sensor, if you can bring independent ISP image processing chip better.

5. Memory 8G + storage 128G is the minimum requirement

Memory and storage is considered one of the three core components of the phone, which not only affects the speed of the phone system, but also determines how much we can store. Now a variety of cell phone APP function more and more, but the volume is also getting bigger and bigger, and more and more memory, to run the phone smoothly not card, 8G of memory + 128G memory storage is already the minimum requirement.

For the elderly and other light cell phone users, 6G + 128G is also enough; if it is a game player, heavy users, 8G + 128G is not even enough, it is best to choose the standard 12G + 256G.

Mendacity advice: more than 80% of people 8G + 128G to meet the basic requirements is enough, heavy users are the higher the better.

Buy a phone with this guide, 7 simple and brutal rules for phone shopping

6. The choice of cooling accessories

This is mainly for gamers, because even if Qualcomm's two years of serious heat generation of several chips, if we just daily brush video, chatting WeChat, it is not hot to where, basically do not need to add cooling accessories. But if you are a gamer, it is highly recommended that you purchase cooling accessories.

Qualcomm started with Snapdragon 888, to Snapdragon 888 Plus, this year's Snapdragon 8Gen1 several chips have not been able to solve the serious problem of heat, the manufacturers in the release of new machines, have been teased for heat sink launch. Although manufacturers have done some thermal optimization, it is still recommended that gamers be equipped with a thermal back clip.

Mendacity suggests that phones after Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 should be equipped with a cooling back clip when playing games.

Buy a phone with this guide, 7 simple and brutal rules for phone shopping

7. Do not choose niche brands of cell phones

Now the mainstream cell phone brands include Apple, Samsung, Huawei (glory), millet, OPPO, vivo, etc. Some friends want to pursue personalized niche brands. Less sales also means low profits, niche brands are unlikely to have more money to invest in research and development, more just to engage in a good-looking shell, performance, configuration and what not is not good.

Moreover, if the phone has problems, repair and after-sales are more troublesome, and some exotic and even some obsolete machines. That is, when we have problems with the phone, we can hardly find a place where we can repair it after-sales, either by mail side

Mendacious cow advice: buy a cell phone to choose Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, glory and several other mainstream brands.

We hope this guide can help our friends.

Your point of view is very important, do not hold in the heart moldy long hair, tenacious cattle please speak ~

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