Buy ribs, "front row, middle row, back row" taste difference is quite big, understand the bottom of the heart before buying

Because of the influence of family growth environment factors, I can say that the name of pork, beef and lamb and other meat ingredients of the various parts of the name is very lacking, roughly I only know: pancetta, tenderloin, pork backbone, ribs, specific subdivision I can not say too clearly, the most important thing is that in the supermarket looking at the meat stall ribs, the only thing I can produce intuitive judgment is that straight ribs, so that the ribs are straight and straight, the distinctive features. For example: pork front ribs, pork back ribs, middle ribs, etc. I will not distinguish at all, mainly because there is no attentive research, you can leave a message in the comments section, in daily life, what kind of ribs you like to eat most?

The chicken in the supermarket is very clear, such as: pipa leg, chicken wings, chicken wing root, chicken wing tip, chicken side leg, chicken breast, clearly marked, while the pork, in addition to the supermarket price tag on the name, in fact, it is not very good to distinguish, of course, the main reason or I will not.

The dilemma of not being able to distinguish pork, not being able to distinguish ribs, the last few years, there is quite an improvement, the reason is also simple, the old mother used to buy food, kitchen cooking, I am only responsible for eating, other things, I do not care, eat, at most is to evaluate the old mother's cooking, of course, most of the time is to patronize the main.

And in the last few years, my role has shifted, food blogger, to share recipes and specific practices of home cooking and down home cooking, I naturally go into this area of knowledge.

For example: the front ribs have crispy bones, meat, bite in the mouth when the crunch, but also with a little fat, the taste is not wood, my father likes to eat meat, every time I will buy the front ribs do braised pork ribs to him.

The back ribs are near the tail of the pig, not much meat, and are relatively thin, eat will also be a bit Chai, really not greasy, my daughter-in-law likes to eat leaner ribs, I buy pork back ribs every time she simmered ribs soup, belong to the kind of more diligent light some, with powder glutinous lotus root block, or very good, because she likes to eat leaner meat, taste slightly Chai, she can also accept.

Middle ribs in the supermarket, most of the label labeled ribs, straight ribs, the meat is not fat, not thin, such as doing sweet and sour ribs, braised ribs, the dish is very pleasing to the eye, most of us in the restaurant, hotel dining, eating braised ribs, steamed pork ribs, pepper ribs, etc. are used in this part.

In addition to taking care of Dad and my daughter-in-law's feelings, most of the time I will buy more pork backbone, the price of ribs is too expensive, I always feel a little uneconomical, you can leave a message in the comments section, say your family eat ribs is rib or pork backbone?

The other day to go to the supermarket to buy food, walking to the sale of pork area, my daughter-in-law pointed to the meat stall on the ribs asked me how to distinguish between ribs?

Pointing to the front and back of the pork chops in the freezer, which could not be seen, I explained to my daughter-in-law, probably because she did not have a specific concept, she still had a lot of questions.

To name a few, I think there should be a lot of small partners, but also not quite distinguish, so there is this graphic, buy ribs, "front row, middle row, back row" taste difference is quite large, understand the bottom of the heart to buy, look at it!

Buy ribs, "front row, middle row, back row" taste difference is quite big, understand the bottom of the heart before buying

First, to explain to you, what is the front row, middle row and back row?

I went to the supermarket to buy ribs, because I can not distinguish, resulting in every time to buy home the taste of ribs are not quite the same, such experience has plagued me for many years, until I became a food blogger, I thoroughly learn to distinguish, there is no previous embarrassment, but there are also new problems, after they can distinguish, see the supermarket sales of ribs is not the part they want, will not buy, is indeed an increase in the time to buy food, sometimes in order to buy the desired ribs, will go back and forth several supermarkets.

But the moment the ingredients are cooked into a dish and served on the table, and I see the smiles of satisfaction from my family, I feel that this is how life should be.

What is the front row? The 4 ribs near the neck and front legs of the pig contain rib fork bones, and the bones are flat, while the size of the ribs is much shorter than the middle and back ribs, which can also be interpreted as ribs with more bones and less meat.

In addition, the front row of front bones are harder, which is also the body function of the pig more decided, the front row of meat than the back row of the older, easy to cook Chai, many people will feel that the taste of the front row is poor, for this reason.

What is the middle row? That is, we often say in everyday life straight ribs, the best part of the ribs, the bones flat long meat and no other miscellaneous bones, the taste of good dishes is also very good, the price is also the most expensive, in fact, not too easy to buy.

The meat of the middle steak is tender, fatty and lean, mostly lean, and can easily pull out the middle bones after cooking, which is able to taste the kind of feeling of eating large pieces of meat, suitable for most cooking methods, frying, deep-frying, stewing, stir-frying, boiling, roasting and grilling are all possible.

What is the back row? It is a few bones near the back of the rump, usually 8 bones, longer than the front row, but not as long as the middle row, more fat and lean meat, and still very distinct, the back row is containing "crispy bones".

Near the rump, the meat is relatively firm, chewy, contains cartilage and very tender, suitable for making steamed ribs, braised ribs and baked ribs.

To summarize, the front row is near the neck, with more bones, poor taste and less meat for stews and braises. The middle row, with juicy and tender bones and moderate amount of meat, is delicious in any way. The back row is near the rump, the meat is firm and contains cartilage, suitable for steaming, grilling and roasting.

Buy ribs, "front row, middle row, back row" taste difference is quite big, understand the bottom of the heart before buying

Second, how to distinguish the freshness of the ribs?

A few days ago, we shared with you a graphic about pork, and part of it dealt with how to select pork? Today we give you how to talk about the freshness of ribs? In fact, the same as the selection of pork is the same, nothing more than naked eye observation, check the color of pork, the normal color of pork is on the dark red.

Touch to understand the feel of the pork, the meat is delicate and tender, we can feel it in our hands, if the sticky hands we can also be detected by touch.

Fresh pork will smell faintly fishy, and ribs are no exception, but this fishy smell will not be pungent. If you smell something other than fishy, then you can compare it with another family and smell the difference in the taste of ribs before deciding.

The last and my own method, I basically do not go to the meat stall in the market to buy pork and ribs, buy freshwater fish, carp, grass carp, pancetta, pork backbone, tenderloin, etc. are directly to the large supermarket chains.

Go to such a supermarket to buy pork, buy ribs is very worry-free, may be slightly more expensive in price, but buy pork is particularly simple, completely do not have to worry about whether it is the problem of fresh pork, because the supermarket traffic, goods sold quickly, the most important thing is that I have followed some of the grandparents to buy.

Buy ribs, "front row, middle row, back row" taste difference is quite big, understand the bottom of the heart before buying

Third, what kind of cooking method is best for the front row, middle row and small row respectively?

Pork front ribs are more meat, usually a large bone with a large piece of lean meat, which brings no small difficulty in the cooking process, more lean meat is easy to cook old, which is also the main reason for the cheap price of pork front ribs, suitable for braising and brining, whenever I buy such ribs, I will be a large piece of lean meat on the bone to cut off, retaining only a small amount;.

Cut down the lean meat although the meat is tight, but cut into shredded meat, marinade hit water, used to stir-fry green pepper, make a plate of green pepper fried shredded meat is also very good, and this time the taste of shredded meat is not at all Chai, but also not fresh and tender, taste is not old, marinade, replenish water stirring, warm oil under the pan stir-fry, more test of cooking skills.

After cutting off part of the lean meat, pork front chops using the way of braising, this time in the process of searing, the last do not blanch, blanching the meat on the Chai, remove meat fishy can be more soaked, diligent water changes, braised longer, soft and rotten is more delicious.

The middle ribs are written on the shelf label in the supermarket are ribs, slices of ribs in the chest area, how to do is delicious, I think making steamed ribs and pepper ribs is the best, of course this is my favorite flavor.

Finally, the pork rear ribs, near the buttocks near the belly, more meat content, grease, juicy, and also with white cartilage, because such ribs have a certain amount of grease, so that the meat in the cooking process will not be Chai, so, suitable for most cooking methods, such as sweet and sour pork ribs, the use of pork rear ribs to produce, the taste of tender to do fat but not greasy, fragrant soft not Chai.

Buy ribs, "front row, middle row, back row" taste difference is quite big, understand the bottom of the heart before buying

Fourth, the practice of braised pork ribs?

The key to our discussion today is to buy ribs, "front ribs, middle ribs, back ribs" taste quite different, so if we want to eat braised ribs at home, when choosing ribs, we have at least four options.

1. pork backbone.

2, pork front chops.

3, pork chops.

4, pig hind chops.

I'm just an ordinary citizen, eating ribs is also to consider the price of ribs, here to use the exclusion method to choose a little, pork chops, that is, straight and straight pork ribs, although good taste, suitable for all cooking methods, but the price is the most expensive, and good not too easy to buy, that I first discharged is the rib, I will not buy this kind of ribs to make braised pork ribs.

After lining up the pork ribs, we are left with pork front ribs, pork backbone and pork rear ribs. The pork front ribs have more lean meat, poor taste, easy to firewood, although cheap, but not delicious, pork front ribs I also rule out and will not buy.

The remaining pork chops and pork spine, the advantage of pork spine is cheap, although the meat is less, but the taste is great, how to burn will not be wood, so I want to do braised pork ribs at home, I choose the pork spine with pork chops, such a collocation, the advantage is that the whole plate of braised pork ribs taste will not be a single, eat meat gnawing bones sometimes will be a pleasure;;.

And then to the cooking method of braised pork ribs.

1, half of the pork chops, half of the pork backbone, a family of 4 people to buy about 2 pounds of backbone, 2 pounds of backbone is enough.

2, I choose not to blanch, by soaking to remove the blood in the ribs, soak for about 2-3 hours, soak until the ribs are white.

3, ribs soaked, cleaned and drained.

4, put a small amount of canola oil in the pot, the practice of Sichuan cuisine using canola oil will be more flavorful, put ginger, scallions into the pot and stir-fry.

5, put the ribs turn to medium-low heat, stir-fry for about 3 minutes, start seasoning, add sugar, salt, pickled pepper, soy sauce and soy sauce stir-fry evenly after adding beer, instead of water to burn ribs.

6, about 30 minutes, the ribs will be soft and rotten to taste, you can take out of the pot to plate.

Buy ribs, "front row, middle row, back row" taste difference is quite big, understand the bottom of the heart before buying

Write to the end, but also want to nag a few words, buy ribs, don't struggle to choose a large selection of small, there are only three kinds of ribs on the pig, divided clearly can save a lot of money, as an ordinary citizen, I feel that eating ribs is naturally a happy thing, but still need to consider the price of buying ribs, at the same time, we need to be able to distinguish between ribs, such as: what is the front row, middle row, back row.

We try to be just right, through original illustrations, between words and pictures to share with you a dish that is delicious, beautiful and nutritious, what kind of food you want, here we hope we can give it to you!