Buy the right one, not the expensive one These four can be bought with eyes closed for under $2,000

Manufacturers are hitting the high-end, many consumers buy cell phones are also blindly chasing high-end, cell phones in hand and found that many features can not be used, a year later and like the old for a new machine, the cost of thousands of wasted. In my opinion, there is no difference between cell phones and other consumer goods, it is wise to buy on demand, and must follow the principle of buying right not expensive. The next few recommendations for the use of different people's needs within 2000 yuan worth buying cell phones, never spend money in vain.

iQOO Neo6 SE

The iQOO Neo6 SE starts at $1999 and is equipped with the best reputation Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor, which balances performance and power consumption, easily coping with scenarios such as video and games while the body heat is minimal. Equipped with an overclocked version of UFS3.1 high-speed flash memory and upgraded with the new TSolvit controller, the file download speed and application installation speed are greatly improved. Built-in 4700mAh dual-cell battery with low-power processor, its battery life far exceeds that of many top flagships. Supporting 80w wired fast charging, the charging speed is also second to none among competitors in the same price range.

Buy the right one, not the expensive one These four can be bought with eyes closed for under $2,000

Screen, iQOO Neo6SE front with a screen ratio of up to 91.45% of the 6.62-inch Samsung AMOLED center perforated screen, using E4 light-emitting material, the white background screen display more transparent, large angle viewing without color deviation. Support 120Hz high refresh rate, covering 16.7 million colors and 100% P3, with 1300nits local peak brightness, high brush smooth experience and viewing experience are outstanding.


The RedmiK40S is a well-balanced $1,000 bucket flagship. To enhance the product power, the exterior has been newly designed with a vertical mid-frame paired with a 7.7mm slim body that is both stiff and refined yet fits in the palm of your hand. It is available in four distinctive and fashionable color schemes including Bright Black, Silver Trace, Phantom Mane and Phantom Mirror, with a highly personalized Cloud Stage module, which is enough to meet the aesthetics of different people.

Buy the right one, not the expensive one These four can be bought with eyes closed for under $2,000

In terms of performance, the RedmiK40S is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 + UFS3.1 + LPDDR5, a golden triangle of strong performance and low power consumption, which provides a smooth and stable experience in both daily use and gaming scenarios. In addition, the X-axis linear motor + stereo dual speakers + OIS optical stabilization + NFC + infrared and many other practical features to further enhance the RedmiK40S experience.

Motorola motoedge S30

If you are a handheld enthusiast, then Motorola motoedge S30, the most powerful machine in thousand dollars, is the best choice. 1699 yuan starting price, equipped with the overclocked version of the previous generation of top flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus, X1 mega-core main frequency up to 3.0GHz, AnTuTu run score up to 850,000. turboLPDDR5+Turbo UFS3.1 can effectively improve the installation speed of applications as well as boot loading speed, allowing you to reduce waiting time and enter the battlefield faster.

Buy the right one, not the expensive one These four can be bought with eyes closed for under $2,000

In addition to powerful performance, for a better gaming experience, Motorola motoedgeS30 is equipped with a 6.8-inch LCD gaming screen, which supports 144Hz refresh rate and 576Hz touch sampling rate, smooth and smooth, touch with the hand, can bring an extremely outstanding high brush gaming experience. This large screen also supports DC dimming and has passed the SGS low blue light eye protection certification and HDR10 certification, the viewing experience and eye protection effect is also excellent.

ZTE Faraway 30Pro

With a starting price of only 1,699 yuan, the ZTE Voyager 30 Pro is a great battery life machine for travelers. The ZTE Farhang 30 Pro is a perfect traveler's phone with a large battery capacity of 6,000mAh, which is comparable to that of a rechargeable battery. Although stuffed with a large-capacity battery, the ZTE Faraway 30Pro has a thickness of 9.4mm and weighs only 215g, which is much more convenient than carrying a rechargeable battery on the go.

Buy the right one, not the expensive one These four can be bought with eyes closed for under $2,000

In terms of performance, the ZTE Faraway 30Pro is equipped with a low-power processor MediaTek Tiangui 810, supporting 5G all-network pass, whether daily audio and video entertainment or king glory can get a very smooth use experience. 6.67-inch LCD center perforated screen screen ratio of up to 92.6%, with 1080P resolution and 16.7 million colors, viewing experience is also very outstanding.

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As the market becomes more competitive, cell phone manufacturers have delegated many powerful hardware and features to phones within 2,000 yuan, the above four phones are typical of them, enough to meet most of the needs of daily use.