Can the Honor 70 Pro+ beat the Vivo X80?

Not. Vivo X80's overall quality is quite strong: the

  • 1, the price is cheaper, 8 + 256GB cheaper by 300 yuan.
  • 2, the screen quality is much better. Higher peak brightness, higher color accuracy, higher contrast ratio.
  • 3, photo hardware specifications higher. The main camera size is the same, but more optical anti-shake. Super wide-angle lens quality is better, of course, smaller pixels; for a 2x light zoom telephoto portrait lens, and vivo family portrait lens has always been good tuning. And in the software tuning, more self-research ISP chip V1+, night performance and imaging effects have been improved.
  • 4. More infrared and X-axis linear motors.

The advantages of the Glory 70Pro+ are mainly: 1, the screen more high-frequency dimming, more eye protection; 2, photo for 3 times the light zoom telephoto lens; 3, 100W fast charging speed faster.

Look at the detailed parameters configuration comparison:.

Can the Honor 70 Pro+ beat the Vivo X80?

vivo X80, a balanced flagship with good overall quality

  • One is the chip using the Tiangui 9000. this chip is absolutely the first-class performance of Android, although power consumption is really not low, but compared to the Snapdragon 8Gen1 is considered relatively good.
  • Second, the photo quality is good. Large base RGGB lens + self-research V1 + chip, the overall level of photography is still very good, especially the night scene performance is definitely the first-class.
  • Third, the high quality Samsung E5 curved screen with diamond alignment, 120Hz refresh rate, 100% P3 wide color gamut, and a local peak brightness of 1500nit.
  • Fourth, the peripheral configuration is complete, large volume X-axis linear motor, stereo dual speakers, NFC, infrared everything.

Can the Honor 70 Pro+ beat the Vivo X80?

Cons: Slightly thicker and heavier.

Suggestion: If you like the Tiangui 9000, you can take a look at it, which is arguably one of the most worthwhile choices for the middle cup on the Android side at the moment.

And again, Glory 70Pro+

  • One is the top-flow performance of the Tiangui 9000. Currently the best chip at the Android end, comprehensive performance is slightly weaker than Snapdragon 8, but lower power consumption and more stable, no problems with daily large games.
  • Secondly, the photo focal length coverage is relatively wide. Large base main camera + ultra wide-angle lens + triple optical telephoto lens, focal length coverage is complete, the new custom main camera hardware specifications are good. A 3x optical zoom telephoto lens with optical stabilization, is not a dream back to the glory V30Pro.
  • Three is as great as the face texture. Excellent thickness and weight control, coupled with a very good color palette of the back cover, quadruple curved screen design, the first impression in the hand is excellent.

Can the Honor 70 Pro+ beat the Vivo X80?


  • One is that none of the main cameras have optical stabilization.
  • Second, there is no wireless charging.
  • Third, the plastic border.

Suggestion: If you pay attention to the value of texture, taking into account the performance then you can look.