Can You Spot Women In These Pictures? If You Can Then You're A Genius

Body painting is one of the fascinating arts in the world currently. One amazing thing about it is that you can hide with the help of it in pictures. Now you may be wondering how? Well, this is what the story is all about. As you will see the first picture, you will know exactly what I am talking about. But before that let me share some examples of body painting with you.

An artist took body art to the next level by painting a model. The model was able to walk down the streets of without pants, and no one noticed her. Another artist from Germany, Jorg Dusterwald, also became a social media sensation when he challenged people to find the girl hiding in the picture.

Well, these are just a few examples, and many artists have tried the concept of camouflage using body painting. Here in this story, we have also gathered some images in which you have to spot women who have applied body painting on them.

Take a look the pictures so that you can find the hidden women.

Well, now you see the close picture.

I think now the woman on the logs is visible more easily.

Well, many artists around the world try body painting, but only some of them are able to do it with this perfection.

Don't go anywhere because we have more puzzles for you ahead.

It seems pretty tough to find a woman in roots, well, that is the challenge. Are you able to find her? If not then continue reading the story.

Another masterpiece.

The picture is so amazing that you can not tell the difference between woman and gate.

I hope you enjoyed each puzzle of the story.

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