Cane Sucker Punches Billy For Going To Visit Lily

At Crimson Lights, Nick greets Sharon before Michael draws his attention to Fenmore’s song, which is playing. Nick’s impressed. He and Michael discuss Victor. Nick wants to get him out of his current jam, then find out who framed him. After, Nick rejoins Sharon, who defends Rey – he’s just doing his job. Nick asks if she thinks Victor’s guilty. She hasn’t seen anything that makes her think so, but points out his girlfriend believes it. Nick says Phyllis has her reasons for feeling as she does. Sharon snipes about his girlfriend justifying her bad behavior.

Cane Sucker Punches Billy For Going To Visit Lily

In Rey’s apartment, Mia’s planning their vow renewal – she wants to do it soon. Rey asks, “Why now?” Mia feels like they’re on solid ground. Rey’s surprised to hear she plans a public vow renewal. She wants a real celebration. He asks, “How real are we talking?” Mia would like Lola, Arturo, and the friends they’ve made to attend. Rey’s agreeable. Mia wants Arturo to be his best man. Rey’s uncertain, but decides he’ll ask him.

At the Ashby house, Mattie asks about Cane’s visit with their mom. He says it went fine, but Charlie thinks he sounds worried. The twins leave, and Cane phones Ted to find out if Billy’s at Jabot and learns he’s not.

At Jabot, Phyllis loves Kerry’s new scent, Jack of Hearts, but learns it’s just for Jack. They discuss Kerry’s ‘fun’ relationship with Jack. Kerry notes he never says anything bad about his ex-wives. Phyllis has no issues with exes but changes her mind when she sees something on the laptop. She calls Ted to get a hold of Billy, then explains to Kerry that he used the Jabot jet. Kerry takes a call from Jack asking her out to lunch. She has too much work, and asks if he’s seen Billy. He claims he hasn’t.

At the Abbott house, Jack disconnects from Kerry and muses that Billy got in late last night. Billy was with a friend who got bad news. Jack exits.

Billy arrives at Jabot and Phyllis confronts him about taking the jet without authorization. He says it was an urgent personal matter and offers to pay for it. Phyllis feels he’s flouting her authority. Billy refers to a toxic chain of events she set into motion, before apologizing. Phyllis warns him.

At Dark Horse, Nick tells Jack he’s wondered if Kevin Fisher, Chelsea, Luca, or Ian Ward could be responsible for framing Victor. Jack thinks his name must be on the list. Nick admits it crossed his mind. Jack also suggests someone close to Nick – Phyllis. Nick concedes he’d thought of it. Jack notes the ‘Marco thing’ will never go away, it was the worst thing that happened to her. Nick doesn’t want to believe she’d pin a murder on his dad.

Phyllis arrives at home to find Michael dancing to Fen’s song while waiting for Nick. They discuss the flimsy evidence against Victor. Phyllis reminds him he threatened JT on live television. Michael plans to get the charges dropped. Nick arrives to them jamming and asks Phyllis to give them privacy. Michael confides she’s less-than-thrilled he’s planning to help Victor. Later, Nick apologizes to Phyllis if that was awkward, but she thinks it’s best they focus on what they have in common – like making their relationship work. They start kissing, but Nick flashes to Jack, Sharon, and Michael’s words about Phyllis.

At the Abbott house, someone hammers at the door. Billy opens it to Cane, who punches him in the face, then hollers at him for going to the prison to tell Lily something that would break her spirit. Billy wishes someone had told him. They argue as Cane tells Billy he had no right to get involved. Billy felt bad for Victoria, but Cane thinks he’s really just pissed that Victoria doesn’t want him back. Billy accuses him on only caring about himself. Cane counters he tried to tank a relationship out of spite, just like Phyllis – they’re perfect for each other. Billy refuses to apologize – Lily deserves better. Cane vows to make him live to regret what he did.

At Crimson Lights, Jack tells Sharon he’s surprising Kerry with a picnic at work. They smile over Kyle and Lola’s happiness, and Jack surmises things are looking up for Billy and Victoria too. On the patio, Sharon finds Rey looking relaxed. He’s happy to have cracked the Hellstrom case and advises that things are really good with Mia. Mia appears outside as they gaze at each other. She joins them, announces they’re renewing their wedding vows, and invites Sharon to bring a date.

Jack arrives at Jabot to discover that Kerry’s not there. He phones her, and she lies that she’s busy in the lab.

In her car, Kerry calls someone to say she’s on her way but running late.

Victoria and Cane get on the same page.


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