Check Out This $50,000 Jeep That's Modified For The Apocalypse

Check Out This $50,000 Jeep That's Modified For The Apocalypse

If you have between $40K and $50K lying around and wonder what to do if there's a zombie apocalypse, RM Sotheby's has the answer for you.

As we speak, the auctioneers have a Jeep for sale that has been seriously modified and upgraded and looks to be ready for whatever the owner decides to throw at it.

RM Sotheby's say the Wrangler has been nicely upgraded, but neglect to mention that it looks downright evil, with virtually every area of it having been modified in some way. As we write, there are two days left of the online auction, but it has to be collected in Auburn, Indiana.

Suspension And Drivetrain

The Wrangler has been given a five-inch lift and Fox suspension. With the dramatically increased ride height, there are electronic steps to help you get in. Under the Bushwacker arches, we find 22-inch ‘Fuel Assault’ wheels.

While the power figure hasn't been announced, we assume it's packing quite a punch since the 3.6-liter V6 has got a supercharger and custom exhaust bolted to it. The power is sent to an upgraded 4.88:1 rear end via a 4WD system.


In addition to the aforementioned Bushwacker fender flares, there’s a Rock-Slide Engineering bumper at the front, along with a 12,000lb winch. There are huge vents fitted to the hood, and as we move towards the rear we see lots of lights, even a massive 50-inch lightbar on the roof. All the way at the back we find an aftermarket rear bumper, as well as a full-size spare tire.


The Wrangler is not known for its luxurious interior, but the spartan insides have been upgraded with "Ferrari-style" Daytona seats and Wild Boar grab handles. It does come with a custom entertainment system consisting of Rockford Fosgate and Alpine components, but for some reason, it's not functional.