China's 2 "failed" liquors, often despised for being cheap, but both are 100% pure grain wine

If you ask where in the world the most wine, then certainly many wine lovers will say in one voice is our China, but to ask where in the world the most poor wine, the most fake wine, in fact, the answer in the mouth of old wine lovers is also our China, which makes people a little embarrassed.

In fact, China not only has a profound history of liquor culture, the variety of liquor and now the brand is also unusually large, due to the higher profits of liquor, so many black-hearted workshops or bad wine enterprises have joined the ranks, the result is also a direct result of the overall quality of liquor and reputation was significantly pulled across, especially we often go to the supermarkets, commissaries, shopping malls and other places to buy wine, because the poor wine accounted for much more than good wine, but also led to many new wine lovers difficult to start, often a buy is to buy poor quality wine, let people very depressed.

China's 2 "failed" liquors, often despised for being cheap, but both are 100% pure grain wine

And many fake wine on the market is also adhering to the "appearance must be consistent" means of counterfeiting, resulting in many drinks so that you do not know the first look at the past is fake, the only way to buy home and drink to the mouth to know that it is poor quality wine, so it is very hateful, so we must first learn how not to open the wine to drink before, it will know the true or false method of wine, in order to avoid these poor wine in advance.

For example, let's first recognize the "blended flavored wine" bottle unique some secret language, as long as you read these meanings, buy wine basically will not buy fake wine!

① edible spices: where the ingredients list of alcoholic beverages have "edible spices" these four words, in fact, it is directly telling you that it is flavored wine, this wine whether or not it contains other grain ingredients, it is alcohol and flavoring as the main ingredients for the mix of alcoholic beverages, if not particularly short of money, should do not drink, especially the elderly friends, do not touch.

China's 2 "failed" liquors, often despised for being cheap, but both are 100% pure grain wine

② Product standard number: Where the product standard number on the bottle is "GB/T20821" or "GB/T20822", it means that the wine is blended flavored wine, which is the executive standard of this poor wine, after the spray code is true, so if you see the standard number is these two also to stay away;.

③ no quality level: where the audit of the circulation of the wine, the bottle will generally be with the "quality level" column, and where the quality level of "excellent" or "first class", it represents the wine quality is good, and vice versa, if the quality level of "two" or no quality level of this column, then the wine quality is poor, does not meet the standards of good wine.

China's 2 "failed" liquors, often despised for being cheap, but both are 100% pure grain wine

So in addition to the flavored blended wine, all the others are pure grain wine?

In fact, it is not, for example, people often love to go to the online shopping platform to buy alcohol, it is easy to eat a big loss because of this. Why? Because the same online also has a very large number of wine counterfeit sales, especially the following three conditions of the store, if you happen to see, do not buy.

The first: sales 9999 + evaluation but few or even no evaluation

This kind of store with a clear eye will know that the brush sales, if it really shows that sold 9999 +, at least evaluation must be at least hundreds of thousands of it, if only a few dozen or even no evaluation, this 100% brush sales ranking, in fact, no one has bought the wine inside, do not know good or bad, so how deep the water is not recommended for newcomers to try.

China's 2 "failed" liquors, often despised for being cheap, but both are 100% pure grain wine

Where the normal sale of alcoholic beverages, are able to ask for invoices, if you buy wine when you ask the store to develop a ticket refused, or that can not open, then it is also probable that this wine has problems, do not buy.

If the store wine is really no problem, is sure to open the shipping insurance, that is, the wine arrival problems can be directly returned free of charge, but if the merchant refused to open or dare not open the shipping insurance, it means that the wine sold can not be returned, then the equivalent of a thief's heart, the probability of such wine is also poor wine, but also can not buy.

So from the beginning to now, it is estimated that many wine lovers listening to some speechless, buy a liquor are so hard, so many fake wine is also too difficult, in fact, it is not so complicated, after all, as long as the mastery of the method, even among the cheap wine can also be picked to pure grain good wine, especially the following 2 cost-effective wine, because the price is relatively cheap, always seem particularly "inconspicuous", by many people underestimate or even look down on, in fact, are 100% pure grain quality good wine, connoisseurs see are to see a bottle to buy a bottle, can not wait for the family to hoard a few boxes.

This wine recently exploded all over the network, due to the super high quality of wine quality, plus very low price and rapid fire out of the circle, this wine in the selection of raw materials will be "Maotai wine as a model", the use of the same Maotai town core production area only red tassel glutinous sorghum as the main ingredient, while with the same ancient process of Maotai wine "12987" Daqu Kun Sha brewing, and finally also cellar for 5 years, and then hooked into the 10-year old altar of aging, so this wine can be said to be a peak of the existence of the scene!

China's 2 "failed" liquors, often despised for being cheap, but both are 100% pure grain wine

In the liquid side of the wine performance slightly yellow, open the lid can smell the refreshing aroma of old wine, the entrance bursting delicious, soft and sweet, long aftertaste, a drink out of the mouth cup overnight can also retain the sauce aroma, is indeed a rare civilian preferred low-cost pure grain wine, connoisseurs see also have to buy a few more cases of hoarding.

This wine just listening to the name may be unfamiliar to foreigners, but if it comes to "Wuliangye" 3 big words, whether or not the drinkers should know, can be described as China's oldest famous wine, but unfortunately the price of Wuliangye is too expensive, many ordinary drinkers can not afford to drink, so Wuliangye under the launch of some low-end products, and this "pointed Zhuang wine" is one of them.

China's 2 "failed" liquors, often despised for being cheap, but both are 100% pure grain wine

Do not look at this tip Zhuang wine price but a few dozen dollars a bottle, but its winery factory address is the same address as Wuliangye, can be said to be the original original wine, so the quality of wine compared with the thousand dollars of Wuliangye also has greater comparability, so as some connoisseurs, encounter supermarkets if they are selling this low-priced pure grain good wine, it is certainly a whole box of hoard to buy, taste is also really good.

China's 2 "failed" liquors, often despised for being cheap, but both are 100% pure grain wine

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