6 Clear Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full of Toxins And Making You Fat

6 Clear Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full of Toxins And Making You Fat

The liver is one of the most important organs which helps in destroying toxins. This is a crucial role especially with the fast lifestyle we live nowadays and the toxic environment we are surrounded with.

When there is a defect the liver can be overwhelmed and the toxins can only gather more and more and result with fat cells mostly in the stomach area.

So what is actually a fatty liver disease?

It appears when you have excess fat in your liver, or more than 5- 10 % than the normal amount the liver requires.

Liver diseases are divided into two categories: alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones. The alcoholic are clearly a result of excess consumption of alcoholic beverages and the non-alcoholic ones happen due to movements of cholesterol levels and genetics.

Here are some signs that your liver needs a full detox at once:

Sudden weight gain

When the liver is not getting rid of toxins properly, everything you do in order to keep your body fit, will not be of much help as the fat stores inside the liver and the unfiltered toxins remain there too. When the liver doesn’t filter the toxins properly all of the fat that is circulating comes right back in it.


A liver that is functioning properly releases antibodies that destroy allergens. When it is not in good shape, however, the body tends to store those allergens and the brain starts producing histamine which then provokes symptoms of allergies like itches, headaches etc.

Chronic Fatigue

Toxins can cause muscle pain and fatigue which can further lead to mood swings and depression.

Excess sweating

When the liver is overworked , the way it functions reduces and the liver becomes too hot. This heat then goes throughout the entire body and you result with excessive sweating.

Appearance of acne

Hormonal imbalance caused by liver malfunction can cause acne. If these acne problems are caused by the liver they can’t be treated externally and a proper liver treatment is required.

Bad breath

If you are always taking care of your oral hygiene and still notice that your breath is bad it could be a liver problem and you should go to your doctor’s at once.

Products that could help you treat liver disease

A proper diet is the key for treating the liver. Try eating bananas, ginger root, dandelion root and even liver can help in this process.

Our suggestion is to make a smoothie out of banana blended with some Greek yogurt, some ginger root, two spoons of peanut butter and a spoon of dandelion root. Try to drink this smoothie at least two times a day to take all of the advantages as soon as possible.