Come to Sui Xi Jiang Hong and see a romantic encounter with the sea! Which beauty do you pick?

The morning sun dawns, accompanied by a slightly salty sea breeze, is located on the coast of the Gulf of Tonkin, Jiang Hong Kong "Sky Light Fish Market" has long been brightly lit. The sea is scattered fishing lights as the stars are not yet far away, fishermen will be the catch in an orderly manner on the speedboat, fishery dealers from all over the purchase of seafood here, kicked off a lively daily prelude.

The "Tianguang Fishing Market", which will disappear at dawn, is the most special existence of Suixi Jianghong, and the ancient fishing port, Jianghong Port, is the landmark attraction of Suixi Beibuwan Tourism New District. The beautiful Jiang Hong, formerly a fishing port, was later expanded into a polder. It is named Jiang Hong because of the proximity to the sea and the rolling of the flood waves.

There is a local saying that Jiang Hong has four "the most" - "the most scenic of Xian Gao Island", "the most historical of carp dun " "the best fish dew food" and "the most humanistic dragon boat festival". A collection of folklore, sightseeing, leisure, vacation and other elements of the coastal tourism town, is entering more and more Suixi people, Zhanjiang people's hearts.

Dancing Fairy Dress

Come to Sui Xi Jiang Hong and see a romantic encounter with the sea! Which beauty do you pick?

Located on the west coast of Jiang Hong Fishing Port, less than 1 kilometer from the town government, the Xian Islands are long and narrow, running north-south. The forest park in the Xian Islands has a pleasant view, with greenery covering the whole island and lush woods of mosaic. The island has fresh air and sea breeze, the beach stretches for several kilometers, the beach is flat and open, the sand is white, fine and soft, the sea water is clear and transparent, it is a good place to play in summer and is a veritable blue sea and silver sand.

When the weather is clear, the whole fairy islands and the blue sky, white clouds, the sea reflect each other, blending into one, a color, like a fairyland, people forget to return. When the sun sets in the evening, the clouds are on fire, reflecting the entire sky, and visitors are bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun.

Thousand-year old pier

Come to Sui Xi Jiang Hong and see a romantic encounter with the sea! Which beauty do you pick?

Dongbianjiao Village has the reputation of "the first village in Leizhou Peninsula", which cannot be separated from the influence of the carp pier, which is a Neolithic human settlement site, located in the southeast of Dongbianjiao Village, about a hundred meters away from each other, named because of its resemblance to a carp, the carp pier shell mound site, located in Suixi County, Jiang Hong Town, Dongbianjiao Village side of the field Pioneer, because the pier is made of shells, shaped like a carp and named.

The pier site is 80 meters long from east to west and 35 meters wide from north to south, with an area of about 1,500 square meters. The site of Liyuidun is a Neolithic human settlement site 7,000-8,000 years ago, and is the earliest place on the Leizhou Peninsula where humans lived.

Gift of the Sea

Come to Sui Xi Jiang Hong and see a romantic encounter with the sea! Which beauty do you pick?

"Rely on the mountains to eat the mountains, rely on the sea to eat the sea", Jiang Hong people have lived with the sea for generations, breaking into the Gulf of Tonkin, a thousand-year-old fishing port to support the daily livelihood of fishermen. Every day at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. fishing boats will return from fishing, at which time the Jiang Hong fishing port dock will be 10,000 people gathered at the dock, have to purchase the seafood just caught back, lively.

The sea breeze wrapped in the unique fishy smell of seafood came in bursts, only to see the dark wharf many merchants with flashlights in their hands in the selection of seafood, lights flickering and fishing fires moored at sea intertwined like the stars that fill the night sky. In the darkness of the night, such a spectacular fish market as the sky gradually brightened, full of merchants also gradually left, everything back to quiet, only the smell of seafood remained in the air, this is a hundred heard of Suixi River Hong "sky light fish market".

Dragon Boat Race

Come to Sui Xi Jiang Hong and see a romantic encounter with the sea! Which beauty do you pick?

The fishing port inlet channel of Jiang Hong Town stretches for several kilometers, which is an ideal place for dragon boat racing. Since the opening of the port in the early Qing Dynasty, dragon boat racing has been a popular and traditional activity of the people of Jiang Hong. Every year, on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, the annual dragon boat race is held in Jiang Hong Port. At first, dragon boat racing was to drive away evil and pray for peace and a good harvest, but later developed into a mass sport.

After entering the 21st century, dragon boat activities have gradually formed a cultural activity and been given new connotations and contemporary significance. Especially in 2005, the Suixi Jiang Hong Dragon Boat Cultural Festival was successfully held, with richer contents, and it was known as "the hometown of traditional dragon boats in the peninsula". By continuously tapping the local historical and cultural resources and promoting the local characteristics, the dragon boat race has become a cultural and artistic festival and a well-known art brand.

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