Coronavirus Update: COVID-19 is Now Mutating Into Another Virus in Brazil, and It's Scary!

Coronavirus has already changed its course of target, and it is now mutating into something else. If you think that COVID-19had already created massive panic in the world, wait, there's more! Virologists found out that there seemed to be a case wherein the Coronavirus was mutated into another virus that is now found in parts of Brazil.

Luckily, experts said that people should not be worried about the said claim as it is just natural for viruses to mutate over time-- however, expect that this will not be the last time we're going to see Coronavirus mutations in the future.

Shocking! COVID-19 doesn't just sit idle; It even mutates to something extraordinary virus

Coronavirus Update: COVID-19 is Now Mutating Into Another Virus in Brazil, and It's Scary!

(Photo : KYODO on Reuters)

On Wednesday, Mar. 4, Tech Times reported that health experts already identified two strains of Coronaviruses: the Type L and Type S viruses. Type L virus is typically the normal virus that most people get to have that are 70 percent more aggressive and contagious. This virus is also easily shown to a person with symptoms of the disease.

Meanwhile, Type S virus is more dangerous since people that have this Type of Coronavirus might not show any physical symptoms over time compared to Type L. This alarms most countries that already let go of possible Coronavirus victims that underwent quarantine as this Type of virus might only show after the quarantine period.

Though this is now alarming, David Heymann, an infectious disease epidemiology professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that they now found minor mutations in strands of Coronavirus in Brazil.

COVID-19 is now mutating into something indescribable

Coronavirus Update: COVID-19 is Now Mutating Into Another Virus in Brazil, and It's Scary!

(Photo : KIM KYUNG-HOON on Reuters)

According to the report, the found Coronavirus mutations in Brazil are way different Coronavirus strands that are now killing most people in Wuhan, China. It is a new virus that came from the same virus.

Though it sounds alarming, experts said that Coronavirus is a ribonucleic acid virus that normally mutates due to its nature. This means that mutations in these types of viruses are just a normal thing that is about to happen many times soon in the future.

"Nothing has occurred that is major, and this virus appears to be stable," said Heymann. "Small mutations are normal, especially with RNA [Ribonucleic acid] viruses."

Since it is only a minor mutation, people should not be worried about this newly-discovered mutation virus. However, the problem lies when the virus tends to have tons of virus mutations in the future-- which may cause a bigger outbreak.

As of now, Coronavirus has already killed more than 3,000 victims, and less than 100,000 cases were previously confirmed to have the disease around the globe.