More than 300 large water tanks in the Forbidden City have not frozen in 600 years, where is the water in the tanks special?

The Palace Museum as one of the great buildings in the history of mankind, people who go to Beijing will certainly go to the Forbidden City to take a look, and it is difficult for people who have been there not to notice their presence, that is, the most inescapable these large water tanks, these neatly distributed behemoths, they are inside the water 600 years to maintain a liquid state, so what is the difference between the water in the tank?

Travelogue "The Bamboo Anchor" by Julie Chu

My daughter thought about it and said, "Mom! Look at the rain these days, let's go to the bamboo garden, the bamboo garden after the rain must be particularly fresh and elegant. North Nine Waters is also fine, Mom! It's your decision."

Hengshan and Heng Shan, does it seem like they have such a low presence to make up the numbers?

Li Bai said, "The stream of water descends three thousand feet, and it is suspected that the Milky Way falls into the ninth heaven." Among the five mountains, Mount Tai, Mount Huashan and Mount Songshan are more famous. Mount Tai, the head of the Five Mountains, the only one of the Five Mountains, the top of Mount Tai, Mount Tai to see the sunrise, Qin Shi Huang also went to Mount Tai to seal the meditation and worship heaven and earth.

Huaqing Palace in Xi'an

Huaqing Palace Pu Yaomao embroidered Ling Palace in accordance with the Li Feng trend, the scale of the buildings and halls is magnificent. Luo Cheng Palace gate view place, Yao Guang Pear Garden disciples practice. Royal soup nine dragons undress into, lychee fragrance song long life hall. Youthful rejuvenation Huaqing pool, the people of the people's fun Xing.

Why is a temple called a temple, why is a temple called a temple, and what exactly is the difference between a temple and a monastery?

Whether it is the magnificent Wutai Nanzen Temple, which carries the meteorology of the Tang Dynasty, or the Fuzhou Hualin Temple, which is the most elegant and pure collection of the charm of the Song Dynasty, all are the bright pearls in the crown of architecture. Of course, many people go to temples not to seek the beauty of architecture, but with the purpose of seeking God and worshiping Buddha.

Mo Yan - The People of Hokkaido Full Text Appreciation

Mo Yan - "The People of Hokkaido" On December 26, 2004, under the careful planning of Mao Danqing, a writer from Japan, and Mr. Takada Eiki, Director of the Economic Exchange Office of Sapporo City, the capital of Hokkaido, in Beijing, I accompanied a group of Chinese writers and journalists to set foot on the long-awaited land of Hokkaido.