Why is the Forbidden City's Yang Xin Hall always damp? Experts pry open the floor tiles and discover the mystery

Thanks to the modern emphasis on the conservation of ancient relics and the use of high technology, the Palace Museum in Beijing - by far the best preserved ancient complex in the world - is now reborn and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every day, so much so that it has since been restricted daily to prevent abnormal damage to relics caused by excessive crowds.

The world's first tomb after all the hardships

China is an ancient civilization with a history of more than 5,000 years, leaving many tombs of emperors and kings in the vast land of China, most of these tombs are huge and magnificent, and several of them are called "the first tomb in the world" by later generations.

12 months, 12 poems, 12 different places, follow Sushi on a literary journey

He left his footprints in almost every one of the more than one hundred states, from Dengzhou in the east to Danzhou in the south, from Meizhou in the west to Dingzhou in the north. Today, we select Su Shi's poems written in different months from January to December, and follow this travel master on a journey to the pinnacle of literature.

Tanzhe Temple: A Royal Monastery

Built in 307 AD, this temple is about 1700 years old and is located in the western suburbs of Beijing and has undergone many name changes. This temple is inconspicuous among the many temples in China, and occupies a small area, but there are armed police standing guard at the entrance, what is so remarkable about it?