Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

How would you define the beauty of a city? Probably based on art, architecture, mountains, beaches..etc. Some cities famous for their natural attractions, some for man made attractions and some others for both. That’s based on how you define the beauty.

Top 8 Cursed Books In The World

1. The book of Thot: It was in the mid-seventeenth century, when the discovery of several Egyptian papyri revealed the existence of this book, whose myth states that those who read it, sooner or later suffered a serious accident or were killed.

10 Discoveries That Show Our Ancestors’ Obsession With Astronomy

Our ancestors were incredibly intelligent, and many discoveries over the years have turned up evidence of what they studied and observed. One subject that they especially focused on was astronomy. Some of our ancestors’ most impressive feats were related to what they saw in the heavens.

The Most Interesting Last Words Of 15 Famous People

Last words are one of those things that go down in history, especially if you’re a famous or historical figure. They seem to be a reflection of a person’s life or a summary of their most important ideas. We often look to a person’s last words for guidance, wisdom, and reassurance.

10 Unexplained Similarities Between Ancient Cultures

The eternal symbols of ancient times are still so powerful and intriguing. What are these symbols? What did all the ancient cultures use them for? What is their true meaning and how have they affected the ancient cultures throughout the world? Let’s find out!