Daughter Suddenly Stopped Walking. But When The Doctor Looked At Her Hair, Everything Became Clear...

Amanda and Lantz Lewis noticed the strangeness in the behavior of her daughter Evelyn. The gait changed, the girl stumbled and fell. Later, she refused to walk at all.

After the evening bath to put on the pajamas, the girl was only able to sit on the bed. Evelyn could not stand on her feet. The child became so restless that my mother had to sleep with her daughter all night.

Morning condition worsened. Evelyn did not go and could only crawl on her knees. Parents took off on video and sent the video to relatives and friends, in search of a clue. However, it did not help.

The child was taken to the hospital. Spouses were lucky: the doctor in the waiting room had already experienced similar symptoms in children.

'The doctor said that over the last 15 years he had seen the same symptomatology in 7-8 children of our baby's age. Probably, Evelyn bit a tick. They examined the body carefully and found the culprit in the hair on the head, 'Amanda wrote in Facebook.

Evelyn in the hospital was diagnosed with tick-borne paralysis. The disease occurs in children under 10 years old. With prolonged suction, the saliva glands of the mite throw a toxin into the blood, which leads to paralysis. If untimely assistance in 10-12% of cases, a lethal outcome is possible.

Amanda shared a story in social networks to warn other parents about the symptoms of this disease.

'I'm glad that we got to the situation so quickly, and my daughter did not become worse,' the happy mother wrote.