Deliveryman allegedly stole 1,020 cakes worth $90K from upscale New York bakery

Deliveryman allegedly stole 1,020 cakes worth $90K from upscale New York bakery
Fluff Bake Bar chef Rebecca Masson recommends the Lady M Mille Crepes at Lady M Confections in New York City.

A deliveryman for a renowned New York bakery allegedly stole 1,020 gourmet cakes worth nearly $90,000, local media reported.

Over the course of several months, David Lliviganay, 32, stole the cakes from Lady M Confections' warehouse in Long Island City, the New York Post and New York Times say a lawsuit alleges.

Lady M is known for its unique cakes made of stacks of crepes that have garnered fame from celebrities and thousands of followers on Instagram.

According to the newspapers, the cakes sell for up to $90 apiece, and Lliviganay was caught on camera dozens of times from last November to February nabbing the valuable pastries.

In January alone, he allegedly stole 357 cakes worth $31,238, the lawsuit says per the Post. The suit also alleges Lliviganay sold the cakes to other vendors.

The man was allegedly caught on camera with the cakes in hand as he exited the bakery's warehouse freezer. They also found that Lliviganay's phone was logged into the company's WiFi at the warehouse at the time of the crimes, the Times and Post reported.

Lliviganay allegedly told the bakery on Valentine's Day he was going on vacation but never came back. He was later fired, per the newspapers.

Lliviganay was arrested on theft charges and pleaded guilty in July, the Times reported. The company is now seeking full repayment for the cakes.

He nor a lawyer responded to the paper's request for comment. His sister Daisy told the Post, "they just made something up and charged him."

Lady M founder Ken Romaniszyn didn't comment to the outlets on the pending lawsuit.

"We put our customers first in all matters, and are dedicated to the quality of our cakes and service," he said in a statement. "We also enforce company standards, which include honesty and integrity."