Dingle Mum Claims Daughter Was Bitten By Mouse As She Slept

A young mum said her five-year-old daughter caught an horrific disease which made her neck swell up after being attacked by mice in her sleep.

Sami O’Reilly claimed the health of both her children, Skye, aged five, and three-year-old India, had suffered since they moved into the Liverpool Mutual Homes-owned property almost a year ago.

She said this was because the house in Woodruff Street, Dingle , is infested with mice with droppings left all over the floor, including in their kitchen.

Sami said there were even droppings on Skye’s bed.

She told the ECHO she believed Skye came to pick up the painful skin infection called cellulitis from being bitten or scratched by a mouse.

Skye showing her neck where she was apparently bitten by a mouse while she slept. (Image: Andrew Teebay)
Five-year-old Skye's neck became painfully swollen after she was attacked by mice while she slept and contracted an infection.
Sami O'Reilly (Image: Andrew Teebay)

Sami, 24, said: “My eldest daughter Skye went to bed and woke up the next morning complaining her neck was sore.

“Her neck swelled up and the doctor prescribed her antibiotics, but the swelling didn’t go down so I took her to Alder Hey, who took a swab off her neck and confirmed she had contracted cellulitis as a result of coming into contact with rodents.

Mouse droppings on the bed slept in by five-year-old Skye
Sami O'Reilly with her daughters India 3(left),and Skye 5 (Image: Andrew Teebay)

“When she was in bed asleep, and changed her position, the mice must have either nicked her neck or scratched her as they tried to get away.”

Sami said the health of her youngest daughter, India, who was born with a long-term lung disease, had also worsened because of the conditions they were living in.

Evidence of mice droppings in the LMH-owned property in Woodruff Street, Dingle
Mouse droppings on Skye's bed (Image: Andrew Teebay)

She added that she had called in a council pest controller to confirm that she had a mouse infestation in her house but despite asking her housing association, LMH, to either fix the problem or rehome her nothing has been done.

Sami told the ECHO: “I’m raging about it. Both my kids are suffering health-wise. After what happened to her, Skye is now scared and won’t sleep in her own room.”

Sami O'Reilly with her daughters
Mouse droppings behind the cooker in the kitchen of the LMH-owned property in Woodruff Street, Dingle

A spokesperson for LMH said: "Liverpool Mutual Homes is aware of this issue at the tenant's property.

"Whilst pest control is a tenant's responsibility, we are in contact with the tenant to ensure the situation is resolved.

"This approach forms part of our commitment to maintain all LMH homes to the highest standards."