Disney World Has Changed Its Ticket Prices

Disney World Has Changed Its Ticket Prices
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Disney World recently unveiled their new ticketing system, and for those who enjoy saving money, the Happiest Place on Earth might be putting a damper on a vacationing budget during peak seasons. Travel and Leisure predicts that this change to ticketing at the Disney parks could be linked to the preparation for next year’s opening of Star Wars Land and the sea of visitors awaiting that specific occasion.

Currently, Disney will be asking visitors to dictate the exact day of their visit, as well as what they will be doing, if they are purchasing a multiple day pass. That information will determine the cost of one’s admission, and is the largest shift in the Disney ticketing system. These multi day tickets were uniform in the past, and not only will visitors be losing that aspect of pricing, they will also see a sudden lack in the once 14 day allowance between first use and the ticket’s expiration date. Multiple day tickets will now need to be purchased with a lot planning and care. Should a change need to be made on your ticket date, it can be done within up to one night before arrival. However, this flexibility only applies if the person has purchased the additional Flexible Ticket Premium.


Disney World Has Changed Its Ticket Prices

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Those wishing to stick with one day passes will also note a shift in ticketing costs and the new pricing model. All parks will now cost the same for admission, which will by default cause an increase of about $5 to $7 USD on most tickets. Days will now be broken down into three dedicated pricing tiers. This pricing will also differ depending on the day of the year and will have four pricing options. For this particular model, one day adult passes to the busiest parks at peak times throughout the season will be unaffected.

As for parking, Walt Disney World theme parks will also now be charging $25 USD for cars, as well as a $14.99 USD increase to MagicBand prices. For those staying at a Disney Resort, the MagicBand prices will be included in your stay.

If you were considering saving by purchasing an annual pass, those prices have also increased by $45 USD each.

This years has seen quite a few changes to the Disney parks and Disney resort costs. Already Disney has increased the prices for popular park snack food and sodas as of last week. The Disney resorts have also began charging guests $24 USD a day to park their vehicle.