Do you know all five of the highest mountains in Jiangxi?

As a perspective of human beings overlooking all things on earth, climbing is one of the favorite sports of outdoor sportsmen. Speaking of Jiangxi "mountain", your first reaction is "Kuanglu strange and beautiful a world" Mount Lu, or "the first immortal peaks in Jiangnan" of the Sanqing Mountains, or with the stunning Danxia landform of Mount Longhu? In fact, are not. Today, the big cousin will come for you to plate a plate of Jiangxi's five highest elevation peaks.

Part1.Huanggang Mountain

Elevation 2157.8m

Huanggang Mountain (Wuyi Mountain, Jiangxi) is the main peak of the Wuyi Mountains, 2157.8 meters above sea level, because the top of the mountain is full of yellow daylilies, August and September flowering season, the mountain hill everywhere dyed gold, spectacularly named. Wuyi Mountain has said: north and south even Guangdong and Zhejiang, west and east of Gan and Fujian, the main peak of Mount Huanggang, the potential pressure on the southeast. Huanggang Mountain is the top of the southeast, not only is the first peak in Jiangxi Province, but also the highest peak in the ten provinces of the southeast mainland. Wonderful peaks and ravines, ancient trees, birds and beasts, waterfalls and springs make people dazzled, the fantasy of the sea of clouds, the magnificent canyon, the ancient pass more people envious of her stunning beauty.

Do you know all five of the highest mountains in Jiangxi?

Huanggang Mountain is majestic and spectacular, with endless changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and a sea of clouds rolling in and out, just like a fairyland on earth. At the top of the mountain, there is the "Huanggang Mountain" marker erected by the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government. There are several rock piles at the top of the peak, especially the pile of rocks at the top of the mountain is the most peculiar, which actually becomes the highest point of the mountain. When you look down at the peak from the top, you can see ten thousand peaks prostrate.

Part2.Solo vertical tip

Altitude 2128m

Dui vertical tip, 2128 meters above sea level, is located in Shangrao Lingshan County. It is the second highest peak in the Wuyi Mountain Range and the second highest peak in Jiangxi Province and East China. It is the second highest peak in Jiangxi Province and East China, and the second highest peak in Jiangxi Province and East China. It is a classic route from Jiangxi to Fujian (Dupingjian - Overwind Pass - Xiangfu Peak) because of the high mountains, dense forests, difficult roads and rare people.

Do you know all five of the highest mountains in Jiangxi?

Climbing the Dukhang tip, the unique natural landscape all the way, the original forest style above 1,700 meters above sea level, the beautiful mountain and river scenery, the numerous species of animals and plants and the well-preserved original vegetation ecology, has been a highly desirable place for people to venture. The majestic scenery of Duihangti is like a fairyland on earth with its endless changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the sea of clouds rolling in. The mountains in the distance and the meadows in the near distance all appear and disappear in the clouds, and the mountains are dotted with yellow flowers, making the scenery even more wonderful and exquisite.

Part3.South wind face

Altitude 2120.4m

Nanfengmian is the main peak of Luoxiao Mountain Range, located in the southwest border of Suichuan, Ji'an, 30 kilometers away from Jinggang Mountain and 35 kilometers away from Yandi Mausoleum. At present is still in the state of "no man's land", there is no road, there is no village, full of primitive and mysterious colors, climb the mountain top, a thousand miles of alpine prairie, rolling 500 miles of large Jinggang make people relaxed, with the change of seasons are different scenery of nature, spring flowers, summer cool, autumn leaves, winter snow, the view. Beautiful landscapes can be seen everywhere.

Do you know all five of the highest mountains in Jiangxi?

Kasama Peak is the highest peak on the south wind side, and its surrounding sister peaks above 2,000 meters in elevation include Shennong Peak, Huyang Peak, Fengguan Peak, Monkey Head Gang, and Fire Burning Stream, which are as spectacular as the stars arching over the moon. Jinggang is the highest peak on the south wind side of the mountain and the highest peak in Ganxiang Province, which is a combination of "red, green and ancient".

Part4.Qi Yun Mountain

Altitude 2061.3m

Qiyun Mountain is located in the territory of Sishun Township, Chongyi County, with an altitude of 2061 meters, which is the fourth highest peak in Jiangxi and the first peak in south of Gan. Qi Yun Mountain is high and upright, with dangerous peaks cutting the wall, a thousand shapes, plus the white clouds here, surrounded by fragrant fog, from a distance, each peak is like dipping in the clouds, Qi Yun Mountain to describe the mountains and clouds high, clouds swimming in the mountains named.

Do you know all five of the highest mountains in Jiangxi?

At the top of Qi Yun Mountain, there is a platform with an area of about 500㎡ covered by green grass. From here, you can see all the eight counties (Guidong, Rucheng, Zixing, Yanling, Shangyu, Chongyi, Dayu and Nanxiong) in the three provinces (Xiang, Gan and Guangdong) from a distance. Qi Yun Mountain, the mountains are high and wide, especially in the morning after the rain, the sky is as blue as a wash, the mountain white mist level like a mirror, boundless; a mountain in the distance, as a million blue waves in a small island floating out of the sea. Qi Yun Mountain night rain and dew, ice crystals and water droplets in the fog and dew, the sunlight in the rich color display to the fullest.

Part5.Wugong Mountain

Altitude 1918.3m

The beauty of Mount Wukong always makes the heart yearn for it. Whether it is the strange peaks, waterfalls, strange pines, sea of clouds, each frame is the ultimate picture of nature. "If you do not follow the trail of Xu Xiaque and walk more than a hundred miles to see Wugong, how can you see with your own eyes this amazing vault? Stepping on the thousand-meter starry sky walkway around the mountain, five fingers entwined between the clouds, touched by the fairy's feathery clothes or the breath of the sublime mountains.

Do you know all five of the highest mountains in Jiangxi?

The mysterious and magnificent 27 degrees north latitude nourishes the endless meadows, which are nestled between the sea of clouds and show their unparalleled face. If you are tired of enjoying this daytime pavilion posture, three or two friends, a tent, nightfall, the stars are bright, the stars will send the dream of thoughts to distant places, right? The four seasons flow, spring, wandering in the lush green heavenly grasslands, can not help but think about whether the rest of your life can wander in this.

Nature can always surprise us

A stunning view always makes you feel comfortable

If one wants to be in the midst of life's exertions

Take a different kind of trip

Then let's climb!

After putting yourself through exhaustion

Indulge in the magic of nature

Suddenly enlightened and set yourself free ~

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