Do you still need a set-top box for your smart TV today? Why?

Whether or not to install a set-top box on a smart TV at the moment is indeed a question worth exploring.Let's start with my home smart TV. I bought a Haier 55-inch smart TV in 2016 for 4,000 odd dollars. At that time, the house was just renovated, before moving in, but also installed a telecom 300M broadband, but it is free to use, because it is a gift of cell phone convergence package, in addition, also free IPTV TV service for broadband.Therefore, at the beginning, the home smart TV is installed on the broadband operator's IPTV set-top box, about a year of use, and then the free IPTV set-top box removed, using the smart TV alone to watch nearly two years of time. Finally, I gave the family's smart TV with a network box, to the present, the family's smart TV has been in use.In a word, from the beginning to the end, the smart TV in my house was not equipped with a cable set-top box from the broadcaster, but different types of set-top boxes may need to be installed at different stages of TV use. I will give you a detailed description below.

Do you still need a set-top box for your smart TV today? Why?

We often talk about set-top boxes, at present there are mainly the following three kinds: 1, cable set-top boxes developed by the broadcaster; 2, IPTV set-top boxes of broadband operators; 3, network set-top boxes, or TV boxes, as we call them.It refers to boxes with Android OS, such as Xiaomi Box, Tencent Box, Tmall Magic Box, Huawei Box, etc.

Although all the above-mentioned set-top boxes can be used to watch TV programs, they are still different in many aspects and each has its own characteristics. For example, a broadcaster's cable set-top box is used to watch live TV by receiving signals from the broadcaster, while IPTV set-top boxes and network set-top boxes need to be connected to a broadband network to watch TV. In addition, there are certain differences in the following aspects.

First, let's talk about their differences in function.

1. Cable set-top box of the broadcaster. This we all know, is mainly used to watch live TV. Although, the reception of television stations is not too much, the local station can not receive, but, CCTV stations and provincial and municipal TV stations almost all, to meet the needs of most people.However, with today's fast-paced lifestyle, it has a major drawback for today's youth, which is that it is a passive way of watching TV shows. In layman's terms, this means that we can only watch whatever programs are shown on TV stations, limited by time and space. For those who catch up with the drama, it also has its advantages, for example, the drama premiered on the TV station, the network is not only slow to update, but also to open a membership to watch.

Do you still need a set-top box for your smart TV today? Why?

2, IPTV set-top box. IPTV TV is a value-added service belonging to broadband operators, and currently the three major operators have integrated cell phones, TV and broadband into one.In other words, when our cell phone package meets certain requirements, home broadband as well as IPTV HD TV can be enjoyed for free.Generally speaking, the main function of the IPTV set-top box given away by broadband operators is not much different from that of the cable set-top box of the broadcaster, which is used to watch live TV programs. The difference is that the cable set-top box receives the signal transmitted by the TV line of the broadcaster, while the signal received by the IPTV set-top box is transmitted through the fiber optic fiber of the broadband operator.IPTV TV services from broadband operators are not only stable and lag-free, but also have HD TV stations. However, there is not much difference in the number of live TV stations received by both.

Do you still need a set-top box for your smart TV today? Why?

3态Network set-top box. Relatively speaking, the network set-top box is richer in features, this is the inevitable product of the Internet era. Network boxes have their own processors, memory and operating systems, generally Android systems, you can download and install third-party software.Its main function is to use a variety of software in order to achieve the purpose of watching the whole network of film and television resources. In addition, there are rich expansion functions, such as support for cell phone screen casting, connection to Bluetooth gamepad, connection to Bluetooth audio, microphone, etc., not only to play games, but also to Karaoke, and a variety of entertainment activities. Likewise, watching live TV stations can be said to be just an additional function of the network set-top box, as live TV software can be installed to watch TV stations.

Do you still need a set-top box for your smart TV today? Why?

After knowing the difference between them, then the question arises, does a smart TV still need to install a set-top box?

We know that the smart TV also has its own processor, memory and operating system, after the network, you can download and install a variety of software. Without considering other factors, smart TV is actually a combination of non-smart TV and network set-top box.

1, if no home broadband is installed, although it is a smart TV, but in the absence of network, there is no difference with non-smart TV. Then, at this time, if you want to watch TV, you can only install a cable set-top box from the broadcaster.Otherwise, the smart TV in the living room is also decorative, and, if the TV is not turned on for a long time, it is also easy to have problems.

However, the cost aspect of installing a cable set-top box from a broadcaster is certainly our first consideration as well. This is probably the case, new users need to pay about 200 yuan initial installation fee, after installation, to watch live TV programs normally, you also need to pay about 25 yuan per month cable TV fee, then about 300 yuan per year. In addition, cable TV has some value-added services, such as replay, on-demand, high-definition stations, etc., which are services that require additional payment to enjoy.

Do you still need a set-top box for your smart TV today? Why?

2, if you have broadband at home, although the smart TV, but also not "universal", in many cases also need to consider whether to install a set-top box.

The first situation: there is indeed a need to watch live TV, such as the elderly who like to watch TV at home, etc.This is the case in my family, and my dad likes to watch the CCTV news broadcasts, Today's News, etc.At this point, there is no need to spend money on installing a cable set-top box, we can get it done by installing an IPTV set-top box from our broadband operator, and it will probably still be free.In terms of ease of operation, it is not complicated for the elderly, the remote control button is also relatively simple, skilled for a few days is no problem at all.

The second situation: if there is no need to watch live TV, that is, for young people nowadays. In addition, the smart TV in the use of time is not long, or the hardware configuration is still the mainstream of the moment, then, at this time, the smart TV, then it is not necessary to install any set-top box.A single smart TV connected to our home broadband can meet our needs, such as Karaoke, watching movies and TV shows, and casting screens. Even if you want to watch live TV stations occasionally, you can do so by installing live streaming software.

The third situation: If the smart TV at home has been used for a long time, such as three or four years. If the family is still watching more TV, it is clear that the TV hardware configuration must not be able to keep up, if the hardware configuration of the smart TV bought at the time was low, then after a few years of use, smart TV and cell phones are also the same, the system will certainly appear lag is not smooth phenomenon.The software opening speed becomes slower, which seriously affects the viewing experience of smart TV.

At this time, we do not need to spend a lot of money to replace the TV, as long as the smart TV with a network set-top box, then the smart TV at home can be "full-blooded resurrection", can also fight for a few years.Because the burden of downloading and installing and running software is transferred to the network box, the cost of replacing the network box is relatively low, the TV can be said to play only the role of the monitor, therefore, in this case, the smart TV is best installed on the network set-top box.

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In summary, there is no standard answer to whether or not to install a set-top box on a smart TV, and exactly what type of set-top box to install, and it will vary depending on the use of the smart TV and the actual needs of the individual.My personal smart TV is installed IPTV set-top box, then the smart TV "naked", to now installed on the network box, is such a process. I hope this can help, thank you!