Dog Breeds That Are Hypoallergenic

Dog Breeds That Are Hypoallergenic
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  • If you are prone to allergies, you can still have dogs.
  • We rounded up 19 dogs including boxers and bichon frises that are hypoallergenic.
  • Some of these include Coton de Tulears and Bichon frises.

Dogs are lovable companions that make a great addition to a family, but if you are prone to allergies, you might have gone out of your way to avoid pets in the past. However, there are many dog breeds that are hairless or hypoallergenic meaning they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction that would be ideal for dog lovers with allergies.

No dog is 100% safe for all people with allergies, but these breeds are some of the least risky.

From soft-coated wheaten terriers to poodles, here are 19 dog breeds that that are hypoallergenic.

The soft-coated wheaten terrier is gentle and playful.

Soft-coated wheaten terriers


Soft-coated wheaten terriers are known for being great medium-sized family dogs with nimble energy and long, silky hair.

"This breed is playful, active, and needs daily exercise," reported the American Kennel Club . "They adapt well to their living environments and are good with children. They have a soft, single-layer coat of wheaten colored hair that should be maintained regularly to prevent any mats."

Coton de Tulear are very happy dogs.

Coton de Tulear


If a Coton de Tulear 's fur is long, it will require frequent brushing, but if it has short-trimmed fur, then it will likely just have occasional shedding, according to The American Kennel Club.

Walks or games of fetch keep these dogs healthy and in shape.

Bichon frises are small and affectionate.

Bichon frises

Brendan McDermid/Reuters

The Bichon Frise is a small, poodle-like dog with soft curly hair and an easy-going temperament.

"This breed is ideal for people with allergies, as the coat is hypoallergenic to most," the American Kennel Club said. "Grooming is a must for this breed to prevent any mats, since their hair will continually grow but not shed. This is a naturally friendly, playful breed, and a perfect dog for a first-time owner."

Afghan hounds are dignified.

Afghan hounds

volofin/ iStock

Afghan hounds typically have long fur, but they have a predictable shedding pattern which makes them hypoallergenic.

The American Kennel Association notes that Afghan hounds should be bathed and brushed twice a week.

Spanish water dogs are playful but focused.

Spanish water dogs


Spanish water dogs have unique grooming instructions. Their fur should never be brushed and owners can decide how long they want to keep their dog's hair. Regardless, it is important to find a groomer for baths who is experienced in taking care of Spanish water dogs specifically.

Spanish water dogs have lots of energy and require lots of exercise on a daily basis and love to be taken along for hikes or swims.

Maltese dogs are small and affectionate.

Maltese dogs


The maltese is a small dog from the toy group that is sweet tempered and loves to lounge.

"Averaging a teeny-tiny 7 pounds, the ancient breed basically defines 'lap dog,'" wrote Good Housekeeping . "Daily cuddles won't leave you sneezing though. Their all-white coats, sometimes grown very long, are hypoallergenic."

Giant schnauzers are large, active, and energetic.

Giant schnauzers

AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Giant schnauzers are the largest dog in the Schnauzer breed family and have a lot of energy at their disposal. Their fur is short and sheds so minimally that they do not typically trigger an allergic reaction.

"Their coats are hard, wiry, and dense," the American Kennel Club explained . "Their hair grows continually, and should be clipped and brushed regularly."

Bedlington terriers are full of fun.

Bedlington terriers

O.T.W./ iStock

Bedlington terriers virtually never shed their fur, but it should be trimmed every few months and brushed every two weeks, according to the American Kennel Club.

These dogs love long walks and runs but then they are completely satisfied relaxing for the rest of the day.

Portuguese water dogs are lovable and lively.

Portuguese water dogs

suefeldberg/ iStock

Living up to their name, Portuguese water dogs love the water and have waterproof, wavy coats. Their fur tends to be fluffy and ample but is still hypoallergenic.

"These dogs would do best in an active family, as they are highly energetic," the American Kennel Club advised . "They are adventurous and fun-loving dogs. They are hypoallergenic, but should be groomed regularly."

Kerry blue terriers love to be around people.

Kerry blue terriers

DevidDO/ iStock

Kerry blue terriers don't ever shed, making it important to brush their coat once a week. It is also best to take them to groomer every six to eight weeks, according to the American Kennel Association, to ensure that their fur doesn't get out of control.

These dogs like long walks with their owner but also love a day in watching TV and snuggling with their owner.

Mexican hairless dogs, or xoloitzcuintli, are calm and comforting.

Mexican hairless dogs


Also called the Mexican Hairless, xoloitzcuintli dogs are hairless canines that originated from South America. They are calm, intelligent, and easy to train. Most notably, they are great companion dogs.

"The Xoloitzcuintli dog breed may well have descended from the first dogs to set paw on the North American continent," explained Dog Time . "In their native Mexico and Central America, they were popular doctors,' the heat given off by their body being comforting to people with arthritis and other ailments. People still like to cuddle with them today."

Poodles are known for their intelligence.



Poodles come in a wide range of colors and three main size varieties: standard, miniature, and toy. Poodles are a formal dog breed with an average life span of 12-15 years and an intelligent, highly trainable personality.

The American Kennel Club recommended weekly grooming to maintain your Poodle's coat: "They won't shed all over your sofa, but just like humans, Poodles can and will shed a few strands of hair at a time. Brushing at least once a week will greatly reduce shedding, as well as the chance that they will cause an allergic reaction."

American hairless terriers are smart and playful.

American hairless terriers

lenanet/ iStock

While American hairless terriers don't have fur (making them perfect for people with allergies), they still require regular baths and nail trimming, according to the American Kennel Association.

These dogs are happy with regular walks.

Chinese crested dogs are very alert.

Chinese crested dogs


Chinese crested dogs either are hairless or coated with very short fur either way, their low-maintenance grooming is perfect for someone in the market for a hypoallergenic dog.

The American Kennel Association noted that they shed infrequently, if at all, and don't require frequent baths or grooming.

Chinese crested don't need a lot of exercises and are satisfied with a short walk.

Irish water spaniels are brave and hardworking.

Irish water spaniels


Irish water spaniels are frequently large between 55 and 65 pounds according to the American Kennel Association.

Their fur should be combed once a week, but otherwise, there isn't much grooming maintenance.

Irish water spaniels are extremely high energy and require lots of activities like runs, walks, and playing with other dogs.

Lagotto Romagnolo dogs are affectionate and low key.

Lagotto Romagnolo dogs


Lagotto Romagnolo dogs have waterproof fur that only sheds occasionally. They do need to have their fur trimmed as well.

These dogs don't need too much physical activity but do require lots of mental stimulation and don't do well being left alone for long periods of time, the American Kennel Association explained.

Miniature schnauzers take direction well.

Miniature schnauzers


While miniature schnauzers don't shed frequently they do need to be professionally groomed, brushed, and combing on a regular basis according to the American Kennel Association.

Miniature Schnauzers require a moderate amount of activity but also are adaptable to both city and country living.

Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs will always be by your side.

Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs


Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs are hairless, making their grooming routine fairly easy they require an occasional bath.

These dogs, since they are hairless, can't go outside during really sunny days or other severe weather but still require moderate activity, the American Kennel Association noted. That could mean playing fetch with them in the living room or walking them around your house.

Standard Schnauzers don't get scared easily.

Standard Schnauzers

cynoclub/ iStock

Standard Schnauzers often have long fur, which makes grooming necessary on a weekly basis.

Their beards and leg hair should be washed every week, and they should be brushed two or three times a week. They shed infrequently but often need to see a professional groomer for the rest of their coat according to American Kennel Association.

These dogs love being around people and shouldn't be left alone for too long. They want to do activities and go on adventures with their owners.