Dog Stares At Family Before Bed Every Night

Adapting to a new home can be tough for anyone and everyone, including your pets. And being brought into unfamiliar surroundings, and then being forced to interact with people who you don’t know is confusing, and scary for any creature.

It’s even more understandable when the animal is coming from a traumatic experience, and you don’t really expect the pet to adapt to the new situation right away. But you always need to make sure you know the pets entire backstory, something this family learned the devastating way.

This family recently adopted their new dog from an animal shelter, and he seemed to love his new family. They loved him, and showered him with love and cuddles, and he did the same. He was a great fit for the family.

They would take him on walks, play with him all day, but there was one issue. Every night when the parents would lay down to go to bed, they noticed that each night, the dog would sit at their beside, and would just stare at them until they fell asleep, and would be there, still staring, when they woke up.

They didn’t understand why he never seemed to sleep, so being concerned, they took him to the vet for a checkup. They hoped something would explain the odd behavior, but they were informed that there was nothing wrong, and their dog was perfectly healthy.

They were happy he was healthy, but they knew something was wrong. So then they decided to visit the shelter where they had adopted him, to ask about his backstory, and see if they had noticed his slightly odd behavior. And that’s when they broke the heartbreaking news to the family.

The dogs previous owner one night waited for the dog to fall asleep after sedating him. Once he had, they carried him to the animal shelter, and left him there for good. He woke up, and never saw his owner again. And it obviously left the dog feeling lonely, and very upset.

The family was moved by their dog’s story, and went home and immediately put his doggy bed right next to theirs. They wanted to show him that he did belong with them, and that he could sleep all he wanted, and would never have to worry.

And from that day on, the lovable pooch slept soundly in their room with them, and they all lived happily ever after! And we couldn’t be happier for the dog.

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