Don't Feed Your Dog Turkey! Make One of These Pet Safe Thanksgiving Treats Instead

Don't Feed Your Dog Turkey! Make One of These Pet Safe Thanksgiving Treats Instead


Thanksgiving is approaching, your shopping list is growing — and so is your pet’s chance of eating something dangerous.

It’s tempting to share some of your November feast with your dog, but many of the foods on the Thanksgiving table can cause serious health problems for your pet. A fully-dressed turkey is often too rich for a pet to consume, and can lead to gastrointestinal woes — and the bones are a serious choking/obstruction hazard. Onions and garlic, common additions to many Thanksgiving dishes, are toxic to canines as well.

Instead of taking a risk with the food on the table, the safest way to treat your pup on Thanksgiving is to make them their own special dish.

To protect pets and let them in on the fun, Best Friend Animal Society has shared three festive recipes that are just for dogs made using Wellness CORE Bestie Bars, chicken and carrots recipe.

For pooches that crave pumpkin pie, there are mini, dog-friendly pumpkin pie treats that only take 15 minutes to make. For pups that have a sweet tooth, but prefer peanut butter to pumpkin, there are little peanut butter pumpkins that look so sweet, owners might be tempted to eat them. Finally, for the canines that want to enjoy something a little more savory on Thanksgiving, there are spinach, carrot and zucchini dog treats.

Best Friends promises that all of these creations are dog-tested and dog-approve, so that means every member of the family will be satisfied with a special meal on Thanksgiving.

To avoid dangerous Thanksgiving foods for dogs, but still give you pooch a seat at the table, you can find the recipes for these three treats at Best Friends’ website.

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