Driving Habits That Destroy Your Car

We like to think that we are experienced in driving. We acquire driving habits not only during the learning process but as long as we drive. But those habits are not necessarily good habits. Some of them can even get you killed.

Don't Push The Cold Engine to High Revs

We are often rushing somewhere so we don't have enough time for anything. That includes warming up the engine of our car before going faster. By faster, I mean pushing your engine over 2000rpm. Especially during the winter.

Don't Overuse Your Brakes While Going Downhill

Many drivers tend to keep their foot on the brake while driving downhill. That is a big mistake because brakes tend to overheat and wear out. The smartest thing to do is to shift to the lower gear. That is the same thing you should use during the winter. It is called engine braking.

If You Hear Some Suspicious Sounds, Don't Just Ignore Them

Strange sounds mean that there is a malfunction somewhere. Don't ignore it. It will not fix by itself. Your car can break in the middle of the road. Consult your nearest service.

Hand Brake is There For A Reason - Use It

Wherever you park, use the handbrake. And when you stop on some incline, hold the foot on the brake and shift into "park". Then pull the hand brake and slowly release it.

Both Hands On The Steering Wheel!

Many people have that strange habit of resting their hand on the gear stick while they are driving. There are two very important reasons why you should stop doing that. First one is because you must use both of your hands during the drive, and the second one is because you are pressing the gear stick. By doing that you are damaging synchronizers and gears. You are going to break your car. Stop it.

Don't Let Your Car Go Empty

Your tank is not going to be full all the time. There will be some empty space here and there, or it will mostly be empty. That is why the tank itself is becoming dirty (dust, dirt, and rust) and if you think that fuel is very clean, you are wrong. If you let your tank go empty, it will let all those impurities straight to the fuel pump and filters. It could cause some serious damage to your car. So be careful! Again, especially during the winter. If there is condensation inside the tank, in freezing temperatures, that condensation freezes and it damages your tank.

Don't Brake That Often

Like in the previous advice, if you break too often, you are damaging your brakes. Be moderate in everything and use engine braking more often.