"Dusted" In All The Right Places

Dusted by VICTORINE NYC is a unisex, humanely sourced, all-natural CBD infused fragrance. Not only will people want to smell you, but the health benefits allow you to relax while on the go.

It was a pleasure to have Victorine Deych come in and talk to us about her products at ENTITY Academy. You can currently choose from six different body oils. Each have an individual fragrance and aromatherapy benefits. It was inspiring to hear her talk about the benefits of Western medicine working in tandem with holistic natural remedies.

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Sorry, but CBD will not get you high

Cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD, is a term that has gained popularity as marijuana is being legalized across the country.

CBD, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), will not give you the “high” sensation. Many people use CBD to help with chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, or insomnia. Many of the true medical benefits and side-effects of CBD are still unknown, but more research is currently being conducted.

This is what makes this new remedy SO exciting! It has the potential for groundbreaking discoveries that could benefit those who are combating PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, or seizure disorders.

I was skeptical, but now I wear Dusted everyday

Dusted smells earthly with a taste of flowers that reminds you to stay grounded and humble. I could talk all day about why you should buy Dusted by VICTORINE NYC because it smells great. However, there is so much more to this fragrance than what many would expect in a 5ml bottle.

According to VICTORINE, here is a break-down of all the benefits that getting Dusted can offer you:

  • boosts of energy
  • elevated mood
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased mental clarity
  • decreased inflammation

Additional Side effects may include:

  • increased libido
  • permanent euphoria
  • strangers sniffing you

Inhale for three seconds, exhale for three seconds. When I smell Dusted, I am able to transform myself from an overwhelmed state into one of relaxation. The scent grounds me and reminds me to step back, collect, and then move on with my day.

How Dusted gives back

It is important to know where your beauty products come from. What is that company’s environmental footprint? Our planet matters and it’s up to us to make conscious environmentally friendly decisions and purchases.

Not only is each fragrance by VICTORINE infused with cannabis flower terpenes, but they are made with 100% pure essential oils that are produced in-house and all ingredients are non-toxic.

Victorine also supports global farming and local economies. She believes that we can learn from the different cultures across the world while being able to bring it back to grassroots in our own communities.

Like it? Want it? Go buy it!

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I am so glad that ENTITY introduced me to Victorine Deych and her fragrance. It’s a fragrance that has health benefits, smells great, and gives back to the environment. Take a breath and celebrate the world when you use Dusted. Go check it out and start dusting other people!

Dusted by VICTORINE NYC is available online on VICTORINE or in MedMen stores near you.