Ellen DeGeneres Canceled: TV Host RUINED Without A Fight

Ellen DeGeneres Canceled: TV Host RUINED Without A Fight

While the world is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, Ellen DeGeneres is also fighting her own battles after the left and right accusations allegedly revealing the TV host's "true self."

Series Of Allegations

Ellen's fallout started in April when staff from her namesake show revealed that the 62-year-old host left their salary and job hanging after the show was put on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In the same month, Ellen also received backlash after comparing her life in quarantine "like being in jail."

It was followed up by a beauty blogger's revelation that Ellen and her show is not exactly as enjoyable as it was projected on TV. Nikie de Jager revealed that instead of getting a warm and welcoming treatment, she had an awful experience as a guest on the show.

Additionally, Ellen's bodyguard joined the pile of accusations by describing her as a "demeaning" person and told Fox News that Ellen is not the same person as she is on TV.

The partner of Portia de Rossi also faced backlash after giving her mother a quarantine haircut. In the video she shared on Instagram, internet users felt that her 90-year-old mom did not enjoy the experience and was forced by Ellen to do it.

And as if all the hate is not yet enough, comedian Kevin Porter encouraged his followers to share the negative experiences or encounters with Ellen, to which thousands of people responded with shocking claims.

One restaurant server claimed that Ellen wrote a letter to the owner complaining about her chipped nails, a complaint which almost got her fired from the job. Another Twitter user alleged that due to Ellen's sensitive sense of smell, people are required to chew gum before talking to her.

While Ellen has not addressed any of the issues and the accusers failed to give substantial proof to support their claims, the internet immediately jumped on the "hate and cancel culture" against the TV host, and sge was not even given the opportunity to redeem herself.

Career Fall

Since Ellen instantly turned from a charming TV personality to the "most hated celebrity" in the industry, it is no doubt how these affected her stellar career and show.

According to CCN, since the whole "Ellen is cancelled" drama, the ratings of her show also plunged since the beginning of June. The ratings reportedly dropped 14 percent since June, recording the lowest rating of 1.2.

And while the people enjoy labeling Ellen as "Queen of Mean," her rival show, "The Kelly Clarkson Show" is leading on the ratings game.

Rumor has it that due to this unprecedented backlash on Ellen, her 17-year-old show might also face cancellation.

The management is also allegedly looking to replace Ellen on the show and thinking of possible options like Kristen Bell, Kevin Hart, Neil Patrick Harris, and Chrissy Teigen as her replacement.