Ellen Degeneres Quitting Talk Show Over Backlash From Kevin Hart Interview?

Ellen Degeneres Quitting Talk Show Over Backlash From Kevin Hart Interview?
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Is Ellen DeGeneres quitting her talk show after facing backlash for her interview with Kevin Hart last month? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. can debunk the bogus story.

Back in January, DeGeneres defended the comedian after he stepped down from hosting the Oscars following the reemergence of homophobic tweets from several years ago. The talk show host urged the public to forgive Hart and called on the Academy to reinstate the comic as host of the 2019 Oscars. Some members of the LGBT community criticized DeGeneres for supporting Hart, and now according to the Globe, she’s leaving her TV gig over the backlash.

“The pure hatred that came Ellen’s way was a huge shock to her,” a supposed source tells the magazine. “Ellen is used to being a beloved TV icon, and she feels she’s getting too old to be the object of bullying.” The alleged insider adds, “She’s been in a funk for weeks, and everyone’s wondering if 2019 is the year Ellen announces her retirement.”

The questionable tipster further contends DeGeneres is deeply “insecure” and “desperately needs acceptance from her peers and fans,” which is why she’s supposedly reeling from the criticism over her interview with Hart. The seemingly phony source continues, “When even one person says something negative on social media, Ellen gets depressed,” and now all those involved in her talk show are “worried she’ll quit.”

Although it’s true there were many people who weren’t happy with the way DeGeneres handled Hart’s Oscars controversy, she never exactly faced an overwhelming tidal wave of “pure hatred,” as the tabloid asserts. Most of those who took umbrage with the TV host’s interview expressed their disappointment, but to say she was the “object of bullying” and faced a barrage of attacks isn’t accurate. It’s also worth noting the fallout from the interview has mostly died down and DeGeneres has continued happily hosting her talk show.

Regardless, checked in with a source close to the TV star, who wasn’t able to speak on the record, but assures us the magazine’s story is made-up. This isn’t the first time a tabloid has used the Oscars controversy as the basis for a phony report. Last month, we called out the Globe’s sister publication, Star, for falsely claiming Portia de Rossi was divorcing DeGeneres because she defended Hart on her talk show. The spouses are still very happily married.

It should also be noted DeGeneres told the New York Times back in December that she’s considering leaving her talk show when her contract expires in 2020. She expressed this sentiment well before her interview with Hart. Should the TV host decide to make her exit next year, that decision will have absolutely nothing to do with any backlash she may have received.

Additionally, the Globe is hardly a reliable source for getting accurate news about the talk show host. Last year, busted the tabloid for wrongly alleging DeGeneres was getting a divorce because de Rossi refused to adopt a baby with her. The spouses are still together and on the same page when it comes to not having children. This latest article involving Hart and the future of her talk show is more fiction.