Elon Musk Unveils New, Stunning Images of SpaceX, More Updates on the Launch

We haven't heard much about Elon Musk lately, but on Thursday, he posted a photo on Twitter showing stunning captures of SpaceX and the actual size of the tank, The Independent has the story.

The SpaceX lead shared the image on Twitter on Thursday, June 25, in an aerial perspective of two sizeable tanks designed to hold fuel for the rocket, that is, The Starship. Followers of the space mission responded, and he replied to one of the posts, confirming that there will be a major update on the progress for the rocker this September.

Two Starship tanks in the midbay — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 25, 2020

'Top priority'

Elon Musk described The Starship as the "top priority" for the SpaceX mission. In 2019, the prototype of The Starship was launched. Since then, it has gone through several changes with launch tests and flight modifications.

Earlier during this year, there was also a dramatic explosion that happened in one of the cryogenic pressure tests at Boca Chica, Texas, one of the development facilities of SpaceX.

The Starship, made out of stainless steel, will be able to bring up to 100 people around the solar system. For the first mission, there has been no launch date confirmed yet, but Musk is hoping to bring the first passengers to Mars before 2025.

Elon Musk Unveils New, Stunning Images of SpaceX, More Updates on the Launch

(Photo : Juli Kosolapova / Unsplash)

Images of the The Starship was unveiled on Musk's official Twitter account.

Travel to Mars

Musk also expressed his desire to travel to Mars one day, "claiming that making humanity a multi-planetary species is essential to its long-term survival," Anthony Cuthbertson wrote on The Independent.

Right on 2022, the first cargo missions with The Starship may launch and could bring materials necessary to establish a human colony on Mars. It could be a trending social media event should this happen.

Over the previous week, the SpaceX boss also revealed that the mission is constructing "spaceports" which will receive and launch rockets to space, venturing between the moon, Mars, and the planet Earth.

Meanwhile, SpaceX posted a job vacancy stating that an "offshore operations engineer" is needed to develop rocket launch systems for the upcoming missions.

The post read, "SpaceX was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is out exploring the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one where we are not. Today SpaceX is actively developing the technologies to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of enabling human life on Mars."

Milestone events

Here is a rundown of what has transpired so far. In 2016, Elon Musk talked about the Interplanetary Transport System during the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico's Guadalajara area. In 2017, he outlined the "BFR" in a similar event, but that time was held in Adelaide, Australia.

The "BFR' pertains to a ship that would be utilized for missions to Mars but could take over minor ones completed by Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9.

In 2018, he announced at the California headquarters that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, will take the "BFR" over on a trip around the moon with six to eight artists aboard in 2023.

The Starship was revealed in 2019.