Fabulous Hairstyles Within 5 Minutes

Nowadays, women have more responsibilities than ever, making very difficult to look after themselves. What we use to do is get ready for 10 minutes, we put some makeup and tie our hair and here we are, ready to start a day. Well, it is time to change that, we want to look beautiful in front of our family and friends. And it’s more than that, more importantly, we want to feel beautiful. Let’s work smart, here are nine fabulous hairstyles that will make you feel and look great.


Fabulous Hairstyle 1

Divide your hair into two parts, with a support of a ribbon braid one section of your hair, the other section of the hair is also braided up at the end of the ribbon. On the top of your head, tie both braided parts and you are ready in 5 minutes.


Fabulous Hairstyle 2

With a help of tail comb, brush one section of your hair. Tie up the hair and make a ponytail, then pass the end of the ponytail in the middle of the hair to create a perfect fluffy bun. You will need some bobby pins to tie it up.


Fabulous Hairstyle 3

Make a high ponytail, then separate the hair into two parts. Roll both parts of the hair separately, then roll them together, at the end use a rubber band to tie your hair. You will look amazing with this easy hairstyle.


Fabulous Hairstyle 4

Put some hairspray into your hair, divide two section of the hair and braid them. Brush the rest of the hair and continue to braid them till the end. Make a perfect bun by rolling up together two sides of the hair.


Fabulous Hairstyle 5

Put some hairspray into your hair, then roll up two section of the hair. Tie them up till the end, then roll them on the top of your hair. As you will see, in just a few minutes you will have a fabulous hairstyle.


Fabulous Hairstyle 6

A simple ponytail will amazingly be transformed into a beautiful French maid. In four steps, a few minutes you are ready to shine.


Fabulous Hairstyle 7

Make a ponytail, then brush your hair. Separate the ponytail into three sections with the help of rubber band to create a cute hairstyle.


Fabulous Hairstyle 8

For a wedding, birthday party, a date or just a casual day you will need this amazing hairstyle. Within 5 minutes you will look elegant and sexy.


Fabulous Hairstyle 9

The last one is a must for every woman. This special hairstyle is perfect for every occasion, giving you a gorgeous look.