Fascinating Facts About Mia Khalifa That Her Fans Should Know!

1. She Is Already A Legend

We have 23, the number of adult films that Mia has starred in. I can’t say that I’ve actually seen any of them, but this is according to the Internet adult film database which is a lot like IMDB, but for adult related content. Anyway that may not seem like a crazy high number, Mia was only in the industry for under a year so actually that is quite a lot.

2. Mia Khalifa Soap

Coming in at number nine there is a special soap with a face on it. Who better to make you feel clean again than Mia. Florida based cosmetic brands Hagwood soap Co. made a special edition Mia Khalifa soap. Make all the jokes about getting dirty and being able to shove her face wherever.

3. She Hates Parallel Parking

She hates parallel parking! I mean don’t we all? Nothing amuses on this one really other than she’d really rather not do it which I think we can all respect.

4. Mia Does Not Support The Muslim Ban

She does not support the so called “Muslim Ban”. Mia is originally from Lebanon which isn’t one of the seven countries temporarily blocked by Donald Trump’s travel ban. However from her social media it seems like many Muslims, she’s offended by the political move too. Mia Khalifa shared a comedy post of Disney’ Aladdin and Jasmine on the magic carpet. Let’s not forget that Disney is a beloved American institution anyway Aladdin sings “I can show you the world except America” because the Muslims are banned.

5. Mia Khalifa Loves Podcast

She makes podcasts. Mia most recently appeared on the “Touch Base With Post Grads” podcast and tweeted out – is it narcissistic to listen to the podcast you take today? She also used one of the emojis showing one to be thinking.

6. She Loves Hockey!

Mia Khalifa loves hockey and she loves it violent. Mia seemed to always be posting about hockey on her social media and she supports the Washington Capitals. She even had a Andre Burakovsky t-shirt. Mia recently posted a picture of herself wearing a “Make Hockey Violet Again” shirt so that’s what she thinks.

7. Mia Khalifa Sells Her Own T-shirts

She even sells her own t-shirts from adult film to fashion, Mia is now selling t-shirt in men sizes, women sizes and kid sizes. Some of them even look pretty cool and only a small handful of them actually feature her assets. So the choice is really up to you.