Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

With the continuous improvement of cell phone photo performance, we use cell phones to take pictures has become a habit, which also allows SLR and micro single manufacturers in recent years sales have been declining. There is no way, the micro single manufacturers had to improve the price of products to obtain higher profits, so these two years micro single camera prices are getting higher and higher.

Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

But the higher the price, the fewer people buy, forming a non-virtuous circle, resulting in a sharp decline in shipments of some microsingle brands and models, often out of stock and out of stock, so that people who want to buy can not sell, people who want to buy often can not buy. This allows more people to start turning to cell phones to take pictures, seeking better picture quality of the camera phone to meet most of the daily life and social shooting, so the two years of good photo performance of cell phone sales are also relatively hot.

Nowadays, there are very many cell phone brands, and the common brands are Huawei, Glory, Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo, OPPO, One Plus, Nubia, True, Meizu, and Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Apple and other brands.

Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

So, so many brands, and each brand has many kinds of models, which models are the best photo effect? Which one of these models is the most cost-effective? I through a week's time, the market mainstream more than 30 models to do a comprehensive sorting and comparison, and finally found a few better photo effect at the same time cost-effective cell phone models.

Cell phone photo quality to be good, first of all, the negative (image sensor) to be large enough, the reason is simple: the larger the negative, the better the image quality of nature, full-frame must be better than half-frame image quality, which is the bottom of a large level of the origin of this statement. IMX700 uses 1/1.28 size large negative, which is one of the largest negatives used in cell phones, mainly used in flagship models.

Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

The use of IMX700 cell phone is mainly Huawei P40, Glory 30 Pro +, but now Huawei P40, Glory 30 Pro + in the official flagship store has long been out of stock, if you can only buy second-hand, of course, it is best not to buy second-hand, because many second-hand phones are repaired or refurbished, some even changed the camera.

So, what are the phones with large negatives currently on sale?

Currently the most bullish camera phone is the Sony Xperia PRO-I, which is a micro single phone known as the shooting gods, the Sony Xperia PRO-I currently uses the largest negative ever in the history of cell phones - Sony Xperia PRO-I directly to the Sony Black Card inches of large negative film used in this phone Sony Xperia PRO-I is currently the world's largest cell phone sensor size, but also the strongest focusing performance of the phone, Sony directly to the high-end microsingle in a variety of focus and anti-shake technology transplanted to the Sony Xperia PRO-I above, Sony Xperia PRO-I is currently the world's most powerful photo performance and video shooting line performance of the phone, known as the photo phone in the aircraft carrier.

Sony Xperia PRO-I image quality can be iphone13promax seconds into the dregs, Huawei's strongest camera phone in front of it also can not be reached. Sony also said that this microphone is designed to replace the DSLR and micro single for shooting in many occasions, used to shoot micro movies and TV series are no problem. Of course, the performance is breathtaking, the price is also very touching, this machine is more suitable for enthusiast-level users and professional photographers.

Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

The second, is Sony's Sony Xperia 1 III , Sony Xperia 1 III is the predecessor of Sony Xperia PRO-I, Sony Xperia 1 III is also known for its very powerful photo performance and video shooting performance, the technology from Sony's last generation of micro-single flagship A9, and is developed and designed by Sony's professional micro-single camera research and development team. The Sony Xperia 1 III has all the technology from Sony's top microsingle, whether it is optical stabilization performance, or continuous shooting speed, auto-tracking focus performance and powerful video shooting performance, as well as very good image quality, all designed according to microsingle standards.

That's why Sony Xperia 1 III is known as the world's first generation of micro-single phone. Before Sony Xperia PRO-I was launched, Sony Xperia 1 III had no rival in terms of photo and video shooting, focusing, stabilization, and continuous shooting speed, and even many professional photographers used Sony Xperia 1 III and the new generation Sony Xperia PRO-I as their professional shooting auxiliary.

Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

Of course, in addition to this top microsingle phone, you can also choose the domestic large negative photo phone, such as the large point of the negative have Huawei system imx700, Xiaomi system hmx.

Of course, domestic cell phones in the photography of professionalism is far from being able to compare with Sony, after all, Sony is the king of the micro single field, its micro single camera team developed cell phones, other cell phone manufacturers can not be compared, including some of Samsung's high-end camera phone, are also far from Sony's camera phone than.

So, if you want to get your hands on a better domestic camera phone, is there a suitable choice? Of course there are, but if only to take pictures is not very recommended Huawei flagship, because if you get into Huawei flagship models, it is really better to get into the Sony microphone.

Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

Domestic can choose the price is lower than the price while the negative is larger, but it should be noted that although some domestic cell phone negative is also larger, but the image quality optimization is not as good as the Sony microphone, of course, compared to domestic cell phones, is also considered good. For example, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra negative is also relatively large, is 1/1.12 inches, belonging to the closest to an inch of the large bottom. Xiaomi 11 Ultra also has optical stabilization performance, as well as a periscope telephoto lens, the price after the coupon is only 3999 yuan, Xiaomi 11 Ultra is the strongest domestic photo phone within the price of 4000 yuan at present.

If it is about 3000 yuan, which is a better shooting phone? Originally OnePlus OnePlus 9 is good. OnePlus OnePlus 9 uses the Hasselblad cell phone imaging system. OnePlus OnePlus 9's Hasselblad cell phone imaging system uses a large 1/1.43 negative, the image color would have been very good, but OnePlus OnePlus 9 has a fatal flaw, that is, there is actually no optical stabilization, focusing performance is not good, handheld shooting experience is very poor, regardless of taking photos and videos. It's easier to get a good picture or shake than to take a photo or video, so it's not recommended here.

Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

There is another one, is vivo S12 Pro, photo performance is vivo's strength, vivo S12 Pro main camera is the core of vivo S12 Pro image power, equipped with light sensitive size 1/1.52 inches Samsung HM2 large base sensor, the lens supports nine in one pixel, can bring a more pure picture in dark light and other environments, night scene performance is also vivo S12 Pro The night performance is also a highlight of the Vivo S12 Pro.

In addition, if the photo, Xiaomi 12 is not recommended, mainly because the price is high, the negative is small, is 1/1.56 inches, but the price is up to 3700 yuan, far less than Xiaomi 11 Ultra cost-effective. There is also a realme realme GT2, the use of Snapdragon 888 processor, the use of Sony IMX766 large bottom for photography, the size of the negative is 1/1.56 inches. The memory realme realme GT2 is 12GB + 256GB. realme realme GT2 coupons after the actual arrival price is 2499 yuan, but its price is far less than the following one.

Five big-bottomed camera phones worth getting: which one offers more bang for your buck?

The last one is Motorola edge S30, Motorola edge S30 has a very high cost performance, Snapdragon 888+ processor, photography Motorola edge S30 is using 1/1.52 inch large negative, Motorola edge S30 belongs to the 2000 far price of the king of photography.

Well, because of time relations to here first, we think there is a better photo phone image quality, higher cost performance?