Food 52's Drying Rack Makes Doing the Dishes Enjoyable

Food 52's Drying Rack Makes Doing the Dishes Enjoyable

Doing the dishes is my least favorite chore. I mean, unless you have a dish rack you’re obsessed with, I’m pretty sure most people despise it. It’s not so much about doing the dishes themselves, it’s about the space it takes up on the counter to dry, and the eyesore that drying dishes causes. I guess you could wipe them down with a reusable towel or a dish towel, but I’ve found a better solution.

The Five Two Over-The Sink Drying Rack has changed my dish-washing regiment. Not only does it fit on my small sink, but it rolls up so it takes up space only when you need it to. Don’t think for a second because it rolls that it’s flimsy either. Because it’s made out of silicone coated stainless steel, it’s able to support all of my hefty pots and delicate glassware, too. I love it so much that I even wash my fruit vegetables on it, and sometimes as a cooling rack for hot pots, pans, cookies, or whatever else I might be baking. There’s a utensil caddy so knives and forks aren’t scattered everywhere, and protip, it’s also excellent to wash berries in.

I love a multipurpose kitchen tool as much as the next guy, but never did I think my dish drying rack would be one of them. Now, I look forward to doing the dishes, instead of dreading it, mainly because it means I get to unroll my beautiful, multifunctional drying rack.

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