Why You Should Never Cook Steak In Your Air Fryer

Air fryer steak immediately raises a red flag. Cooking steak is straightforward enough, so why overcomplicate it by tossing it into an air fryer? Hear me out. I have nothing against the air fryer. This mini convection oven, which cooks food by circulating hot air around it, is actually pretty amazing.

Would You Try These Creative Twists On Nissin Cup Noodles?

Who else remembers craving a late night snack and opening up a pack of Nissin Cup Noodles to satisfy your tummy? Well, get ready to see (and possibly taste) them like never before with these three creative twists on your classic Cup Noodle!

McDonald’s Doesn’t Actually Make Their Money From Selling Fast Food

It sounds a bit odd. But McDonald’s doesn’t actually make money from selling fast food, even though they are a fast food restaurant. McDonald’s might be the biggest fast food chain in the world. Selling something ridiculous like 70 hamburgers every second. But what makes the Golden Arches so much money isn’t their fast food.

Snoop Dogg’s Fried Baloney Sandwich Recipe

Snoop Dogg is enjoying a resurgence in his career outside of music, very much becoming a pop culture icon in the process. The longtime rapper has moved on to other endeavors including authoring a cookbook, and he recently shared a recipe straight from hood kitchens in a recent interview.

How To Get Fresh McDonald’s Fries Each And Every Time

There might be only one way to get fresh fries from McDonald’s each and every time you visit the fast food chain. Here is how you can do just that. Do you hate getting McDonald’s fries and finding they are stale, lukewarm, and basically not fresh? Well, there is a way to avoid this dilemma.

25 Cult-Favorite Condiments Worth Obsessing Over

A really great condiment can make or break a sandwich. It can inspire deep cravings, and make you an even better cook. Really great condiments can, in short, transform a meal in one squirt, spoonful, or drizzle.

How To Season A Cast Iron Skillet

Have you ever cooked in a cast iron skillet? You hear the sizzle of meat searing to perfection, and then toss the same pan right in the oven to finish it off. You smell the scent of cornbread that’s baked just right. Few cooking pans can cook a perfect steak, then turn around and act as the ideal baking pan. That’s part of the magic of cast iron.