Forget A Real Fight – “Money” Mayweather Says He Can Make $80 Million From Further Exhibition Bouts

Nobody ever said Floyd Mayweather wasn’t smart at making money. And if you were one of those people who enjoyed what you saw on New Year’s Eve in Japan, when “Money” crushed an over-matched Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition, you could be in luck. Mayweather, speaking with FightHub, said he has a staggering (perhaps even for him) $80 million on the table for further exhibition bouts.

“Am I having more exhibitions? Probably so. Most likely, yeah. I got about $80 million on the table worth of exhibitions,” Floyd, who will soon turn 42, stated.

Let’s face it, if there really is that kind of dough on the table, Mayweather would be a fool to turn it down. As he says himself, it’s “easy work.” It certainly was against the too-small Nasukawa, the 20 year old failing to last a single round against the 50-0 superstar. But who are the people, the fans, who are willing to spend more money to see another exhibition on that level? Are these people really out there? It seems so, at least if Floyd is telling the truth regarding how much money he is being/has been offered to basically “move around and have some fun.”

But if Floyd can keep his bank balance healthy, the way he likes it, by taking on huge-paying exhibitions, he cannot be expected to take a real fight, can he? Why on earth would Mayweather risk anything in a real fight, against a Manny Pacquiao (who seems to still be desperate for a return go with the man who bagged a wide decision over him almost four years ago) or anyone else?

No, it seems Floyd is content cashing in on his name – apparently one that can pull in a small fortune overseas – and that only a mega-millions purse offer would make him don the gloves for real ever again. The greats from yesteryear, such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Henry Armstrong and Joe Louis (Louis especially) could have only dreamed of raking in the kind of cash Floyd is picking up in exhibition bouts.

But of course, had they been able to have done so, they sure would have. Floyd is reaping the benefits a superstar fighter can get his hands on here in the modern age of entertainment.

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