Galaxy S10 gets a serious price cut following Samsung's Galaxy S20 launch

Galaxy S10 gets a serious price cut following Samsung's Galaxy S20 launch

Samsung announced the Galaxy S20 just a few days ago, and the only things we know for sure are that the new family has a fantastic camera, and they’re expensive. But if you’re avoiding buying a new phone because of sticker shock, don’t worry; Samsung’s seriously dropping the price on last year’s models to tempt you into the Galaxy ecosystem anyway.

Galaxy S10 price drop

We know the Galaxy S20 will be expensive. You’re looking at $999 for the Galaxy S20 5G, with a bump to the $1199 for the S20+ and $1399 for the S20 Ultra. That’s pricey, even next to other flagship phones this year.

But that means the Galaxy S10 will be even more affordable now, and it’s still a pretty great phone that can hold its own against Samsung’s latest.

The Galaxy S10 price drop knocks $150 off of each model in 2019’s lineup. That means you can get a Galaxy S10e for $600, a Galaxy S10 for $750, and a Galaxy S10+ for $850. I’m still rocking a Galaxy S10, and it’s plenty capable for whatever you want to throw at it. At $750 you get something that still holds up well, and it has a headphone jack.

The Galaxy S20 still looks a fantastic phone if you need the latest and greatest, though. Samsung showed off some serious camera improvements, 5G connectivity across the board, and some great trade-in offers for moving up towards the S20. You can trade in lots of semi-recent phones and get up to $600 in credit, which makes an S20 quite a bit easier to swallow.

Aside from the Galaxy S20, Samsung also pulled the curtain back on the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Buds+, rounding out their ecosystem of Galaxy products.

(via talkandroid)