Garage Flooring That Improves The Whole Look Of Your Garage

Garage Flooring That Improves The Whole Look Of Your Garage

Something as simple as a garage mat or tiles can really spruce up the garage.

Unsightly oil stains or cracks on the garage floor often result in an ultimately shabby room of the house and is often overlooked when the rest of the home’s renovations are being made. A way to improve the look can be as simple as rolling out a floor mat or placing textured tiles down. These not only give it a good face-lift, they also serve purposes such as soaking up oil and providing more grip to the otherwise slick cement floors.


Garage Flooring That Improves The Whole Look Of Your Garage

The diamond plate pattern is prefered if you want a top-notch industrial-looking garage.

Rubber rolls like this one from Rubber-Cal are one of the easier floor coverings to install and still add quite a bit of grip—simply unroll and add some double-sided adhesive tape to secure it down. This one is touted to serve multiple uses and can be utilized as a treadmill mat, gym mat, van floor mat, in addition to its utility and nonslip functions. Its diamond-plate pattern gives it an industrial, showroom quality look too.

Brand You Can Trust

Garage Flooring That Improves The Whole Look Of Your Garage

Cuttable material makes this mat versatile for any garage shape or condition and the carpet-like surface is comfortable to walk on.

If you have spent even a few minutes in anyone’s garage, you are most likely familiar with the brand Armor All. Its reputation in garage and maintenance products precedes this American-made garage floor mat. It is also easy to install with the included double-sided tape and roll setup and will get your garage looking spiffy in a jiffy. The waterproof backing is slip resistant and the absorbent fabric will ensure leaks don’t soak down through to the cement surface. The mat is impressively claimed to hold five times its weight in water. If you are aiming for a mat that covers corner to corner, the material is easy to cut and doesn’t fray so you can fit this to every odd-shaped cranny.

Aesthetic Appeal

Garage Flooring That Improves The Whole Look Of Your Garage

Nonslip rubber makes this garage mat appropriate for those who expect water or leaking vehicle liquids to end up on the floor.

Ideal where the floor can become slippery—say when the car or motorcycle leaks fluids or when rainwater sneaks its way in—a nonslip rubber mat is the best option to go for. This one from Rubber-Cal has a coin-floor surface design that looks pretty sleek and its rubber is durable for garage, gym, or basement floors. It is claimed to not only be durable against heavy foot traffic or vehicle traffic locations of the garage, but is also claimed to have a reasonable degree of chemical resistance as well.

Smaller Size

Garage Flooring That Improves The Whole Look Of Your Garage

Need the mat to be even smaller? You can also cut this one with a pair of scissors to get it down to size.

A smaller size like this Shield Family Flooring 5-foot x 8-foot mat is great for one-car garages and can easily fit under all sorts of vehicles. Situate it under your car, motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, or even lawn mower to ensure your ground is protected. After cleaning your floor and determining the best location, simply lay down the mat. The manufacturer says that you may see some wrinkles, but those will go away over time. With its woven microfiber and impermeable membrane the lower level traps gas and oils while the top layer provides absorption.

Durability Factor

Garage Flooring That Improves The Whole Look Of Your Garage

12-inch x 12-inch tiles will bring your dingy garage floor up to high-end showroom quality in a single afternoon’s worth of assembly.

While piecing together the interlocking tile pieces may take longer to construct than the other items in this list you are left with a high-end, durable structure that still does not require tools to assemble. Its hard surface is easy to vacuum, sweep, or wipe clean and the substructure is designed to prevent mold or mildew from building up underneath. The tiles are available in a range of colors so your customized motorcycle won’t be the only thing in your garage that has a custom look.