5 Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Living in a small space doesn't have to be frustrating, even if you have kids! If you can't afford (or don't want) to move into a bigger home, saving space where you are can make it feel less confining. Finding unique solutions, like double-duty furniture is a simple way to get more space without moving (or selling everything you own!)

The following genius space saving ideas show you just how easy (and fun) it can be to get creative with your furniture.

1. Coffee table that doubles as a dining table.

Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas

If you don't have space for full-sized dining table, but you don't want to spend dinner time eating on the floor, check out an adjustable table. Most of them lift up and pull out to give you extra space when you need it, and easily fold down into a smaller coffee-sized table when you don't.

Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas

2. Maximise your bedroom storage space with this smart and beautiful headboard.

Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Adding extra storage to your bedroom doesn't have to be a pain. This headboard with pull-out storage lets you slide your book collection (or clutter) out of sight when you need a little extra floor space. Storage options like this one from IKEA, get bonus points for keeping is simple and sleek.

3. Mobile kitchen island with integrated cutting board.

Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas

If you love to bake and have a tiny kitchen, things can get messy and disorganized in a snap. Opting for a mobile kitchen island gives you extra counter space when you need it. You can simply tuck it away when you want more room to move. Better Homes and Garden recommends customizing a cart with a top that matches the kitchen counters.

4. Save a lot of space with a murphy table.

Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas

You've probably heard of a Murphy bed as a simple solution for extra sleeping space, but a Murphy table is a great way to save extra floor space in a small apartment. The fold-down table looks great when it's pulled up and easily pops down when it's time to eat.

5. Entertaining space meet decor.

Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas

This fun twist on a drop-down table lets you add extra entertaining space in a snap. When it's folded back up it looks like a piece of art, literally. Guests will be shocked when you unfold your photo frame into a usable space for dinner or game night.

What are some ways you save space in a small home?