Goodies Share|Smart toilet is not good for you? The clean "ultra-comfortable" feeling of the Yunmi Nano2

With the continuous upgrading of science and technology, almost everything around us is related to the "smart". Smart payment, smart cars, smart appliances and so on, the whole house intelligence is a fashion craze, we all fantasize about being able to do "point and shoot", directly through the instructions of the center console, you can complete the control of all the appliances at home. Of course, the toilet is no exception.

Goodies Share|Smart toilet is not good for you? The clean "ultra-comfortable" feeling of the Yunmi Nano2

My initial impression of the smart toilet is the news of Chinese ama sweeping the Japanese toilet, although the smart toilet is started in foreign countries, but the domestic smart toilet is now doing well in quality, technology, service in all aspects, has not lost to imported brands. Especially after-sales service, if you buy a domestic smart toilet, after-sales service will be more convenient, foreign brands because of import reasons, sometimes the replacement of a part is also a constant trouble. The main "smart home" domestic brand Yunmi launched a very competitive Yunmi Nano2 intelligent toilet.

Intelligent booster, instantaneous flush without residue

Yunmi Nano2 smart toilet adopts intelligent booster system, the system contains two flushing modes - Surge Power Flush Technology + Super Swirl Siphon Jet, which has an independent turbo booster pump, combining the lower hidden water tank and powerful booster pump with Super Swirl Siphon Jet flushing method, making the booster effect more than double. My family because of the residential building is relatively high, and about an hour before the meal is basically the peak of water, this time to go to the toilet is very suffering, the water pressure is not up, the water is a small stream, the toilet wall stains can not be flushed off, basically have to wait for the meal after the flush to work again. The Yunmi Nano2 intelligent toilet can achieve strong flushing power at any time, which is a good solution to the problem of unclean flushing caused by high-rise households or insufficient water pressure during the peak period of water use, meeting the needs of a variety of family homes.

Goodies Share|Smart toilet is not good for you? The clean "ultra-comfortable" feeling of the Yunmi Nano2

Multi-mode flushing, toilet free hands

Yunmi intelligent toilet has two very humane flushing way, it can leave the seat automatic flushing, kick flushing, regardless of men and women toilets, can do not sticky hands to complete the flushing clean. The seat can sense the human body, after the person leaves the toilet seat, the toilet will automatically flush, well avoid the embarrassment of forgetting to flush the toilet. There is a cylindrical sensor at the bottom of the toilet, just a light kick, the toilet will automatically flush, without bending down is also super comfortable!

Goodies Share|Smart toilet is not good for you? The clean "ultra-comfortable" feeling of the Yunmi Nano2

Micron-level filtration to remove impurities, water purification and cleaning more peace of mind

Using the toilet, you need to clean it regularly, whether it is the inside of the toilet or the seat, long periods of time without cleaning is easy to breed bacteria. Yunmi Naon2 intelligent toilet uses a nano antibacterial seat, can inhibit the breeding of common bacteria, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, antibacterial rate of 99.9% or more, at any time to purify the seat, to maintain safety and health. Cleaning water is micron-level water purification direct supply, effectively filter out sediment, rust, red worms, insect eggs and other impurities, care for physiological and pregnancy women, use more health and peace of mind, but also to effectively protect the toilet, to extend the service life.

Goodies Share|Smart toilet is not good for you? The clean "ultra-comfortable" feeling of the Yunmi Nano2

Washing mode flexible switching, deep cleaning comfortably (constant temperature cleaning, a variety of modes, soft women wash)

More thoughtful is that the cloud rice one intelligent toilet with ergonomic design of the thermostatic seat, the use of the control panel can be multi-grade temperature adjustment, winter toilet is not afraid of ice pp, but also do not have to worry about the use of ordinary toilet seat easy to breed bacteria. When the seat temperature is abnormal, the program will automatically cut off the heating, there will be no overheating phenomenon, the use of experience are safe and comfortable.

Dual temperature control inverter speed heating type system, so that the inlet water temperature inverter heating, with intelligent soft washing technology, the water is warm, the water flow is moderately strong and weak, can fully rinse the buttocks. The toilet is equipped with a variety of cleaning modes, even women's menstruation can be cleaned through the soft women's wash mode, giving you clean A care. This is not enough, first warm washing and then warm drying, there is also Xu warm air drying pp to give you a more clean and comfortable experience.

After using the intelligent toilet of Yunmi, I specially asked people around me what they think about the intelligent toilet. Many of them feel shy or uncomfortable because of the flushing experience, and they are afraid to try it easily. But do not know, since the family replaced the intelligent toilet, only to find that there is no escape from the "true" magic law, not only clean and comfortable, convenient peace of mind, and do not have to worry about the high level of water pressure up to enhance the happiness of life, is through the accumulation of these small details.

The current official channel offers a great deal, just in time for the home improvement for the new season, the activity price is not higher than 2699 yuan, the first 20 send air fryer, the first 21-50 sunshine single free cloud rice electric fan. If your budget is not much different from this price, and have high requirements for quality of life, then it is very recommended to get the Yunmi Nano2 intelligent toilet. High value and high quality design, ultra-clean and ultra-comfortable experience, this price is totally worth it, hurry up and get it!