Grandpa has been a chef all his life and has responsibly written 100 cooking tips for a lifetime

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1. When boiling soup, if you eat more meat, boil water under the meat, so that the meat tastes more tender. If you want soup, then cold water under the pot, so that the soup is fresher.

2. always have a bottle of oil, a bottle of bean paste and a bottle of dried bean curd in the kitchen. add a teaspoon to many meat dishes to make them taste fresher.

3. when grilled tofu to eat, soak the tofu in the beginning for a quarter of an hour, so that the tofu and then grilled up to eat, there is no bean smell and alkali smell at all, and it will make the tofu stronger, not fried and cooked, the taste will taste more tender.

4. when steaming vegetables, must be enough gas after the vegetables are put in the steam, so that the vegetables steam up better, and the water to ensure sufficient, nutrition will not be lost.

5. Stir-fry the lotus root slices while ordering water, then finally start the pan with salt so that the lotus root slices don't turn black.

6. If you do that kind of fish skin has a layer of slimy fish, you must first soak it with alkaline water, so that the fish is completely free of fishy smell when cooking, but also washed very clean, not to mention slippery hands.

7. stir-fry cashew or pork liver, be sure to first marinate in wine and vinegar for a quarter of an hour, and then stir-fry with garlic and onions, so that the cashew can not only do without blood, but also hair twice as big, and eat more refreshing.

8. boil bone broth or chicken soup, do not add cold water in the middle, or the soup is not very fresh, as a last resort, to heat water, do not add cold water.

9. When stir-frying vegetables, point water must be boiling water, point cold water will make the vegetables dark, and not sellable.

10. stir-fry bell pepper and cucumber, must be bursting with high heat 30 stir-fry, because these things can be eaten raw, do not need to fry too long, and then add a moderate amount of salt pepper, and finally point a teaspoon of vinegar, you can be out of the pan.

11. When frying bean sprouts must control the time, but also to fry, the faster the better, and finally out of the pan, but also to point a little vinegar, not only can remove the bean fishy taste, and eat more tender and refreshing.

12. When stir-frying eggplant, cut the eggplant immediately after the pan over the oil, otherwise the eggplant will oxidize and turn black, no selling, and also put a little vinegar when stir-frying to prevent blackening.

13. When frying peanuts must use a cold pan, cold oil under the pan, so that the peanuts will be crisp, and not paste.

14. Stir the eggs with a few drops of water, or 1 drop of vinegar, so that the scrambled is not easily old, and it tastes fluffier and more tender.

15. Make a sauce of beer and starch, then pour it over the beef slices and marinate for a quarter of an hour. The enzymes in the beer will break down the starch and give the beef a tender, fresh taste, which can be replaced by maltol.

16. After the pork belly is boiled, cut into pieces, put a spoonful of stock in the bowl and steam it, the pork belly will become twice as big. When boiling the pork belly, be sure to put salt last, otherwise the pork belly will shrink into a ball, and it will be hard and unpleasant to eat.

17. If the dish is too salty, adding the right amount of sugar can make the salty taste less. Adding a small amount of table salt to sweetness can add some sweetness. Adding MSG to salt can halve the saltiness, and adding a small amount of salt to MSG can increase the freshness of MSG.

18. When making kimchi, add a small amount of pepper or a little maltose or pickled pepper to the kimchi jar to avoid producing white flowers.

19. When cooking, vinegar and soy sauce are accidentally reversed, you can put in an appropriate amount of baking soda, and the vinegar smell can be completely eliminated.

20. When making steamed buns or buns, put a spoonful of lard inside the flour, and the steamed buns will not only be shiny, white and fluffy, but also smell good and taste more tender. Follow and leave a message, free to send Master Hu Chinese recipes 1000.

Grandpa has been a chef all his life and has responsibly written 100 cooking tips for a lifetime

21. When stir-frying meat dishes, salt should be put in half of the stir-fry system, so that not only can it taste, and the meat will remain tender, if the last pan in a small amount of vinegar, the taste will be more delicious.

22. When frying fries or chips at home, boil the cut potatoes in hot water for 1 minute, then dry them and fry them for a crispier taste.

23. Tips for boiling eggs: Soak the eggs in cold water for a quarter of an hour and then put them in boiling hot water to cook them, so that they are not only tender to eat, but also easy to peel.

24. When frying food, such as French fries or fish, put a little salt in the bottom of the pan, the oil will not splash; no longer afraid of oil to fry yourself.

25. Cooking meat and fish containing more fat, such as chicken and duck, adding a little beer will help fat absorption, reduce grease, and will produce a chemical reaction that makes the dish more fragrant and non-greasy.

26. When steaming fishy fish, such as guppy or Wuchang bream, marinate it in beer for a quarter of an hour and then steam it, which greatly reduces the fishy smell and makes the fish more fragrant instead.

27. Chicken essence is not extracted from the chicken, not from the chicken, really not from the chicken, it is based on MSG added to help fresh nucleotides made. Because the nucleotides ask for the freshness of chicken, it is called chicken essence, but chicken essence is indeed fresher than MSG, chicken essence is a notch above MSG. From a health point of view, chicken essence is non-toxic and harmless to humans, but in cooking, if you add too much chicken essence, it will destroy the original flavor of the dish and affect the taste, so no matter what the seasoning, just right, is good.

28. When stewing meat, such as braised pork, add a few pieces of peel to the pot, not only to remove the fishy taste and odor, but also to reduce the fatty oil and increase the freshness of the soup.

29. eaten orange peel and grapefruit peel, you can put in the refrigerator to remove the fishy smell, or put some orange peel and then more fishy dishes inside, can reduce the fishy smell.

30. In the marinade barbecue meat, put a small amount of star anise cinnamon, cumin, allspice, not only can remove the fishy, but also eat the meat more fresh and fragrant.

31. when we stew lamb or turtle, is not feeling fishy, just add a few pieces of peel can be solved, like free-range sheep, simply do not need to add too many spices to cook out the original fresh aroma.

32. steamed fish we must use fresh ingredients, can not be placed for too long, placed too long how to deal with fishy, before steaming we must deal with the black skin inside and outside the fish body, the outside in boiling water rolled for 2 seconds, and then scraped with a knife, absolutely no black skin, and then in the fish wipe clean, do not leave a little water, and then smeared with salt, in the ginger and green onion spread under the fish, plus cooking wine, marinated for 3 minutes, and then in to After steaming, you should throw away the ginger and green onion under the fish, and pour away the water, and make the soup again to ensure that there is no fishy smell.

33. When stewing beef brisket with tomatoes, as long as the number of tomatoes is enough, you really do not need to add a little water, slow stewing over low heat, the taste is very fresh and fragrant.

34. why fried meat or beef slices on the starch, because the starch can prevent the meat inside the water and oil direct contact, the frying process of meat juice is intact in the meat, so eat more tender, more fragrant.

35. When we make pasta or pies, adding a small amount of rice wine or lard when mixing the noodles can make the noodles taste more fragrant and sweet.

36. We do tomato soup or carrot soup, tomatoes and carrots slightly fried, the soup can drink more thick, more fragrant, this is because the tomatoes and carrots inside the fat-soluble substances as long as they touch the oil to evaporate.

37. vegetable cleaning, is not now buy vegetables without a bug eye, part of the pesticide with a little hard, for the health of the family, we must use salt water or rice water soaking for a quarter of an hour when cleaning, in order to reduce the content of pesticides.

38. When stir-frying meat, you must heat the pan with hot oil, you must stir-fry with high heat to instantly lock in moisture and eat more refreshing.

39. Hand torn cabbage or cabbage, really torn, eat the taste will be better, is the plant's own fiber is not destroyed.

40. When blanching some green leafy vegetables, two drops of cooking oil , then rinse the pot with cold water, the leaves will be brighter and will not turn yellow. Follow and leave a message, free to send Master Hu Chinese recipes 1000.

Grandpa has been a chef all his life and has responsibly written 100 cooking tips for a lifetime

41. When burning marinated meat, in addition to the spices are important, there is an important part in the lid of the pot. Not cover the pot cover is certainly worse than the cover, metal plastic pot cover is certainly worse than the wooden pot cover, general miscellaneous wood pot cover is certainly worse than the water cedar wood. The new pot lid of sequoia wood is definitely far worse than the old pot lid that has been used for a lifetime - the smoky aroma of the century-old soup is all hidden in the wood. The heat steams up and is forced backwards by the lid of the pot, the fragrance of the spices, in order to penetrate into the flesh. --The rivers and lakes around

42. When cooking corn, leave a few leaves together to make it more refreshing and sweet to eat.

43. At home green beans are not have to take a long time to cook, why don't we first fry the green beans in an iron pot for 5 minutes and then cook them, quite fast to cook.

44. cook milky fish soup, fish fried, cold water and boiling water can be cooked milky soup, as long as the fire is high, only boiling water will be thicker fish soup, there is no difference between the rest, this is my mistake in the last article, like you apologize.

45. In making roast pork or sauce pig's feet dishes, adding some curd will make the taste more rich and fresh, and will also reduce the fatty oil, eat fatty but not greasy, but do not come over, add a three or four pieces will be enough, do not like the taste of friends do not add oh.

46. We buy ingredients best not always buy in the supermarket, there must be time to go to the market to buy, the vegetable market is more fresh, eat up the taste will be different.

47. Beef or pork can be cut before you can use the back of a knife to pat loose a few times, so the taste will be more powerful.

48. Before steaming ribs, first give is the right amount of sugar to marinate ribs for a quarter of an hour, and then marinated in other spices, and finally steamed ribs not only fresh and fragrant, but also very tender to eat.

49. Lotus root, radish, lettuce, yam, eggplant and other more difficult to cook vegetables, if cooked with meat, cut into hobnail shape, so that when eating, especially good entrance, and very full of flavor.

50. homemade pickled beans or sauerkraut-type dishes, must be soaked in water for 1 hour in advance, if not soaked to eat will be very unpleasant, after soaking, eat more fragrant and crisp.

51. Hand torn chicken, hand torn cabbage should never be cut with a knife, must be torn by hand, so that the taste of chicken to eat not wood, and will not destroy the fresh taste.

52. when cutting peppers or onions, is not the smell is very heavy, you can first put the knife in the freezer inside the freezer before cutting, can reduce the irritating smell emitted.

53. mashed potatoes can put some milk, do not be afraid to put too much, the ability of potatoes to absorb milk is very strong, and finally absorbed the flavor of fresh milk, eat special fresh flavor, and mashed potatoes are very smooth.

54. If the soup is too oily, you can add nori to reduce the fatty oil, adding bok choy is also possible.

55. You can always have a can of chopped pepper at home, used to steam ribs or or fish head, steamed meat is the following to remember to lay a layer of potatoes, or pickles, meat juice seeped in, potatoes or pickles will be very tasty, the next meal.

56. fresh lemon juice and add the right amount of honey, and then the ice and mango pulp together to break up, the mix of honey lemon juice poured on, still need to go outside to buy mango lemon juice, will be afraid of the outside unhygienic!

57. If you put too much soy sauce in the stir-fry, you can place a small amount of milk, which will reduce the taste of soy sauce and also enhance the freshness.

58. If you like soy products, you can put a small amount of tofu when simmering the fish soup, and then directly put the ground soy milk, the soup is rich, the fish fragrance comes to the nose, full of aroma.

59. When stewing pork shanks, remember to add a little rice wine lees into it, the sweetness of the lees and the fragrance of the wine can make the fat sublimated into advanced grease, fully combined, and then simmered in a casserole for 3 hours over low heat, the meat and skin of the elbow will melt in the mouth, do not eat fatty meat will not be able to resist.

60. If you make meatballs, you can add some water chestnuts, and panko pork chopped together, eat meatballs will not be greasy at all. Follow and leave a message, free to send Master Hu Chinese recipes 1000.

Grandpa has been a chef all his life and has responsibly written 100 cooking tips for a lifetime

61. When cooking tofu try not to take a spatula just shovel, it is easy to break. Cooked must be covered with a pot lid bored for a few minutes, so that it is fully flavored, after the time, tofu with soup, rare and delicious.

62. vegetables bitter taste is very heavy, you can use salt first marinated for a quarter of an hour, and then used to stir-fry, a little astringent taste is not.

63. No matter what stewed chicken soup, you can put a few wolfberries, can make the greasy feeling immediately recede, and the sweet taste will be the original aroma of chicken seduced out, tangled, eaten to become immortal.

64. Stir-fried clams, sea melon shells of small seafood can not put wine, but directly put the family's white wine, eat will be more fragrant.

65. Potatoes and sweet potatoes can not be put together. Either potatoes sprout, or sweet potatoes stiff heart.

66. Cook kelp easy to rot method, add the right amount of alkali or vinegar, can make the kelp quickly softened.

67. Not all dishes are suitable for adding chicken essence. When stewing beef, ribs and other foods that have a fresh taste in themselves, adding chicken essence will make the food go tasteless and affect the taste of the dish, which is counterproductive. The main point: chicken essence contains nucleotides, its metabolites are uric acid, so gout patients are better off cooking with less chicken essence.

68. fried meat does not shrink: everything: cut against the fiber of the meat, so that the meat fiber short; two pat: the fiber of each piece of meat pat loose, in preparation for the marinade; three marinade: sizing with egg white and wet starch, so that you can retain the moisture and flavor of the meat.

69. peeling yam does not itch method: 1) pour a small amount of vinegar in the hand basin, soak your hands for 5 minutes, then roast the hands after the fire, which can destroy the soap keratin on the yam skin that causes itchy hands; 2) cut the yam into sections, soak in boiling water for 30 minutes and then take it out, you can remove the mucus from the skin of the yam, and then scrape the skin, both easy to peel and not easy to itchy hands.

70. Fast sharpening kitchen knives: use the bottom of the bowl as a temporary sharpening stone, so that the angle between the knife surface and the bottom of the bowl is less than 45 degrees, so back and forth to polish both sides of the knife can be.

71. Quick scrape fish scales: 1) vinegar to remove fish scales. Soak the fish in cold water with vinegar for a few minutes, then scrape the fish scales with a knife; 2) Remove fish scales with rice wine. Soak the fish in cold water with rice wine for a few minutes, and then scrape the fish scales with a knife. These two methods are commonly used by chefs in restaurants, using these two methods to scrape fish scales that is fast and clean.

72. Live fish preservation method: use folded paper towels cut into two larger than the fish eye round paper, adsorbed on the water after the eyes of the fish, put the "eye film" on the fish into a plastic bag, seal the mouth, cut a few mouths on the plastic bag, so that the fish can breathe, so you can keep fresh 2 to 3 days. Principle revealed: there is a special tissue in the eyes of the fish, once left the water will fracture, so that the fish die, this trick can keep the water in the eyes of the fish to extend the life of the fish.

73. scrape fish scales: scraping fish scales with a kitchen knife is not clean, but also easy to make fish scales splashed everywhere. Method: Put the clean fish in a food bag, tie the mouth of the bag, and use the back of the knife to evenly pat both sides of the fish body to loosen the fish scales. Then open the plastic bag and use a small spoon to scrape the scales in the bag from the end of the fish towards the head, and then just rinse off the scales with water.

74. Quick thawing frozen fish: It is too time-consuming to thaw fish with the ordinary method of soaking in clear water. Method: Put the frozen fish into a container, add water and vinegar, and defrost it after 5 minutes.

75. Milk powder moisture-proof method: will be dipped in a suitable amount of white wine skim cotton, placed in the opening of the milk bag, and then the bag tightened, put in the storage box can be stored for 1 month. The principle is revealed: skim cotton can block the air, alcohol can kill bacteria, so open milk powder with this method can be stored for a longer period of time.

76. Fast hair shiitake mushrooms: Shiitake mushrooms should not be foamed with hot water, which tends to make the nutrients in shiitake mushrooms lose. Put the mushrooms into a sealed container, pour in cool water and shake for 2 minutes so that the mushrooms can fully absorb the water, which can quickly make the mushrooms soft and not lose the nutrients.

77. clever washing grapes: receive a basin of water, put a little flour, gently turn the grapes into the water, and then rinse them in the water, the white pesticide residue on the skin of the grapes will be washed clean.

78. Wash the fungus smartly: soak the fungus in warm water for about 10 minutes, add a little starch and scrub, the sand in the fungus will be easily washed away.

79. vegetable preservation method: 1. with cabbage leaves wrapped greens, can be fresh for several days, vegetables do not get wet. 2. with old newspapers wrapped vegetables, and then put into a plastic bag, pay attention to the plastic bag do not tie the mouth, vegetables do not get wet.

80. Tea trick to go to the fishy smell: when you eat seafood with your hands, you will have a fishy smell of seafood on your hands. Method: before eating seafood bubble a pot of tea, after eating seafood, wash your hands with tea, you can remove the fishy smell on your hands. Follow and leave a message, free to send Master Hu Chinese recipes 1000.

Grandpa has been a chef all his life and has responsibly written 100 cooking tips for a lifetime

81. shrimp become crisp: how to fry shrimp to look crystal clear and taste fresh and crisp. Method: 1. wash out 250 grams of shrimp, add half a spoon of salt and a little alkali and mix well. 2. wash the shrimp with water on the salt and alkali points to keep the fresh taste. 3. stir-fry the shrimp in the pan to cook.

82. Boiling dumplings with a little salt in the water can make the dumplings delicious and not sticky, and the addition of salt also allows the water to boil without overflowing.

83. microwave oven baked sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are easy to lose moisture, you can use plastic wrap to wrap the sweet potatoes and then baked in the microwave oven to ensure that moisture is not lost.

84. vegetables casually put in the refrigerator, rice is not wrapped, casually put on a day, the greens will be yellow, rice is dry, we must be wrapped in the roots of the greens, to ensure that the moisture does not evaporate, rice is also so.

85. Fish stuck on the grill, grilled fish is a delicious evening snack, but many people are afraid of grilling, because the fish always stick to the grill, try to flip, but into pieces. So often complain that the grill is too dirty, the temperature is not enough, choose the wrong kind of fish, etc., just we need to heat the grill, fish and grill are a little oil, certainly not sticky la.

86. unpalatable hard-boiled eggs, a chewy, rough, hot, gray-green mess, what the heck! Next time, heat them slowly and cool them quickly, and they definitely won't be grayish green.

87. Mashed potatoes are like glue. Next time, keep an eye on the time you cook the potatoes and control the water.

88. The eggs need to be cooked in warm water before they are put into the pot to ensure a perfect shape.

89. fruits and vegetables do not need skin, many vegetables and fruits skin contains a lot of nutrients, we can peel the skin, peel a little, and then leave a piece not to peel, and then peel again, so as to ensure nutrition, but also make the dish more beautiful.

90. Vegetables should be put through cold water immediately after blanching. Put green beans, broccoli or asparagus into boiling water and blanch them with a few drops of oil, and they will become bright green with a crisp and tender texture. However, if you don't use cold water to rinse them, immediately the vegetables will turn yellow and taste unpleasant.

91. Cut the meat with the grain instead of the vertical grain. When cutting the more tender pieces of meat, observe the grain of the meat carefully and cut it with the vertical grain instead of with the grain, so that the meat can be very tender and chewy.

92. Before putting the food, the pan is not hot enough. Inexperienced or busy cooks, who just put the pan hot, add oil and throw in onions to fry. In the end, this leads to food sticking to the pan, the scallops are not fried enough, the meat made is white in color and the skin is not crispy and delicious, so the pan must be hot.

93. food turned too often, cooking, to learn not to disturb the food, this is one of the most difficult cooking lessons, the dish in the pot, always want to move, or turn the food. It is recommended that when frying fish let the fish fry for about 5 minutes before flipping, or shaking the pan, shaking is fried.

94. Stuff the wok too full and when cooking, the food will release moisture, so leave room for steam to escape. Let the wok stay a third of the way up and the greens are sure to stir-fry well.

95. The amount of raw materials taken is too arbitrary, brine material brine out completely are Chinese medicine taste, is really difficult to eat. When we do marinade, Master Hu has repeatedly stressed that the amount is appropriate until, not the more the better, just a few days ago a person said, why I brine dishes are Chinese medicine taste, Master Hu listened very hard, now he follows what I said to do, has given me the good news, now can do very well.

96. The oil is too hot. When the average cooking oil passes the smoke point, the fatty acids in the oil begin to produce toxins, free radicals and even trans fats.

97. Stir-fry with too much oil, some novice stir-fry afraid of sticky wok, put a lot of oil to stir-fry, resulting in the final dish inside a bowl of oil, is really a waste, in fact, as long as in our cooking, pay attention to the fire, the wok hot, generally will not paste.

98. No seasoning, some people think that healthy dishes do not need to add seasoning, but only rely on the flavor of sugar, salt and food fat. But this is not true, too much sugar and salt is more unhealthy. Seasonings such as cilantro may not be very tasty, but herb-based seasonings or chili are good for boosting metabolism and increasing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and should not be omitted in the cooking process.

99. should be stewed but cooked, the result: some dishes are not stewed only cooked will only lead to cloudy, difficult to eat, tasteless. When we cook, sometimes the pursuit of rate, resulting in the dish becomes very hard, the slow stew of the dish, directly cooked on high heat, I hope that we burn lamb chops or ribs, with a small fire slowly cooked, as long as the time is up, the taste will be good.

100. Every time you make a dish, you have to learn to reflect on why the last one was good and this one is not, to sum up the reasoning, to analyze the reasons, this is the real learning culinary knowledge, without this, it is difficult to make delicious dishes all the time.

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