Green Country Woman's Warning About Cell Phone Scam

Green Country Woman's Warning About Cell Phone Scam

TULSA — If you're thinking about buying something through the new Let Go app a Green Country woman has a warning for you.

Kelsey Perry has been without a phone since New Years--and now--she's out the several hundred dollars she paid to get this one.

"We paid 300 dollars," Perry said. "All of the money we'd gotten for Christmas. "

She found the phone through the Let Go app after she'd looked at sellers across different buy and sell sites.

"I figure ok, Let Go app may be more monitored, but it wasn't," Perry said.

Kelsey's husband met the seller in a public place--checked the phone and made the exchange.

"Everything was fine there, I made a call on the phone, checked the charging, checked the speakers, and everything was good," Perry said.

Until they got home--and the phone wouldn't work.

They immediately contacted AT&T.

"We gave them the IMEI number which is part of the phone," Perry said. "It wasn't the serial number or anything and they said the phone was blacklisted. We immediately contacted the seller through facebook messenger because they had already blocked our phone number."

Kelsey can't get her money back from the seller - and the Let Go app, like most buy and sell sites, won't give her a refund.

Now she wants other people to know what to do--so this doesn't happen to them.

If you're buying a phone or tablet-- ask the seller for the IMEI number or serial number, and contact the carrier or maker to verify it isn't stolen.

Also, check to see if that IMEI or serial number with the carrier or maker to make sure the device isn't stolen or blacklisted.

Also, you should meet at the police department to make sure the exchange is legit--and the phone hasn't been reported missing to police.

The Let Go app also has some guidelines to help with these types of exchanges.

-Always check a seller’s profile page (the same goes for potential buyers).

·If you have any doubts about a user’s authenticity, find another seller/buyer. There are millions of them on Let Go.

· Always meet in person to complete a transaction. Busy public places like coffee shops and bank lobbies are safe, convenient meeting spots. Consider bringing a friend.

· The best way to complete a transaction is to exchange the item and pay at the same time. Never transfer funds or use a debit card/check to pay someone in advance.

Bottom line -- if a deal seems too good to be true--or just doesn't feel right... Don't do it.

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