Guangxi Netflix tent campground faces demolition, official: no campsites allowed in reservoir range

Polar News reporter Li Yang

Located in Nanning, Guangxi Luo village beautiful scenery, from last year, one after another people contracted the reservoir side of the plot, build a tent camp. With the explosion of the camping economy, these campsites have quickly become a Netflix vacation spot, once the holiday family is full.

Recently, these online tent camps may face the fate of being dismantled. The polar news reporter visited and found that some tent camps in Luo Village have difficulty in obtaining land approval and may close in May or June.

The management replied that the Luocun Reservoir belongs to the reservoir management area and no similar tent camps shall be opened. The tent camp by the Luocun reservoir will be dismantled.

Guangxi Netflix tent campground faces demolition, official: no campsites allowed in reservoir range

Tourists come to the tent camp to play

Lawyers suggest that, with the rise of the camping economy, the state should introduce appropriate industry standards, service specifications, management regulations on the "camping" industry to actively guide.

20-acre Netflix tent camp faces demolition

"I opened a 20-acre range tent camp in Luo Village, hoping to boost the rural economy, but now it may have to be dismantled." Recently, a netizen's message on the People's Daily drew attention.

The netizen left a message saying that the tent camp he opened in Luo Village has become a famous local netizen spot and has solved the employment problem of many villagers. When it was opened, he consulted the land and forestry departments on how to handle the camp procedures. Because it did not involve concrete construction, but only tents in the grass, the departments did not give relevant advice and formalities, and only informed that a few random tarps did not need to be reported or approved. But after the opening of the tent camp, he faced joint enforcement by various departments and felt very distressed. The netizen said he hoped to bring more high-income jobs to Luo Village by revitalizing the countryside and driving the economic benefits and people flow of Luo Village, hoping that the relevant parties would give support and point the way.

On May 6, the reporter of the Extreme News came to Luo Village, which is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Nanning City. The place is built according to the reservoir, with lush forest and beautiful environment. On the county road, several tent camps are conspicuous by their signposts. Along the road sign, the reporter first arrived at the flat parking lot, and then you can see a large and small tents and huts lined up along the river.

There are about four or five tent camps in Luo Village, ranging from a few acres to twenty acres, most of which opened only last year. It is about a dozen kilometers from the city, and can generally be reached in 30 or 40 minutes by car.

According to the villagers of Luo village, the original villagers would do some farming industry by the river, then in order to protect water resources, they stopped farming activities, and the land was deserted, "from last year, one after another to build several tent camps." After the camp was built, many women from the village went to work to help clean or manage the camp.

At around 10 a.m. on May 6, there were few visitors in the tent camp. "It's not a weekend, and there are usually not many people up until the afternoon," said a villager who was cleaning up. She nimbly will be some residual garbage, etc. with garbage bags, and then unified packing and finishing, waiting for people to come to clean up. At around 12 noon, a visitor came to the camp in a car, and she rushed forward to entertain again.

Guangxi Netflix tent campground faces demolition, official: no campsites allowed in reservoir range

Luo Village's tent camps all employ villagers to work

Several tourists said that they saw the introduction of the tent camp on Shake Shack and felt that the environment was good, so they took advantage of all the free time to come over in pairs to play.

One tent camp covers more than 10 acres and has 20 to 30 tents. During the construction, the owner of the camp leveled the land, paved it with soft grass, built a wooden platform, and erected various canopies and tents on the platform. Each tent has a few meters of spacing between them, so they are staggered and do not block the view of each other.

The camp staff said the camp was opened in the middle of last year and has been doing good business since then. The camp's rate is 80 yuan per person, if the number of people can also be specifically negotiated with the owner. The campground can provide facilities such as seats, tents, barbecue grills, charcoal, etc. There are also drinks for sale, and the campground opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 12:00 p.m.

"General holidays are very hot." The above-mentioned staff said, usually many people come on weekends, to the holiday to play more people, are required to book in advance, "May Day venue to book half a month in advance, about full also constantly people call or come to ask if there is a venue, but can not book a seat."

A camp investment of a million more than two years to return the capital

Ah You (pseudonym) has always enjoyed camping activities and has more than ten years of camping experience. He found the edge of the Luocun Reservoir perfect for camping and conveniently rented a piece of land on the shore last year. "At that time, it was still a wasteland." A tour said that last year camping was not as hot as it is now and was a niche hobby, so he wanted to build a small base for himself, relax on weekends and call his friends to come and play. As a result, the "secret base" slowly caught fire, and more and more people knew about it, and more and more tents were pitched in the campground.

Guangxi Netflix tent campground faces demolition, official: no campsites allowed in reservoir range

A family's tent camp by the Luo Village reservoir

Running a tent camp is not as easy as you might think. Ayu has a job to do on weekdays and spends all his time on holidays running the camp. "It starts to be busy and ready at eight o'clock in the morning, and in the afternoon we have to serve the tourists, and after entertaining one set of guests another set of guests is welcomed. In the early hours of the morning after the guests have left they still need to clean up, sometimes all night long."

And the income from running the camp is not as high as you might think. A tour, his campground construction cost more than one million yuan, "I have a high demand for quality, and after doing the campground found that every thing costs money. The loss of camping is very high, such as lights, tables, chairs, usually once a month to change." According to his calculation, "it generally takes more than two years to build a tent camp to pay back the money."

A tour said the camp officially opened and quickly caught fire. Since then, he has received rectification advice from various departments and has been rectified in accordance with the relevant requirements. A tour said, in order to ensure health, they hired an environmental protection company, every morning the garbage away, but also through the septic tank treatment of sewage, "can rectify all the rectification, now encountered the problem is no way to handle the formalities. If the relevant procedures can not be handled, the camp will be dismantled in mid-May." A tour said that if dismantled, his loss is around one million yuan.

Another tent camp staff also told the polar news reporter, their camp in about June to be dismantled, "although now also in an effort to apply for approval procedures, but more difficult, in June if not to do down to move to other places."

Guangxi Netflix tent campground faces demolition, official: no campsites allowed in reservoir range

There is a tent camp announcement for the June closing

Some villagers lamented the impending demolition of the tent camp. "There are about a dozen women in the village who work in the camp on a permanent basis. When it comes to holidays and the camp has a lot of guests, they also invite people over to work part-time." Villager Ms. Wu (surname) said the camp solved the problem of work for her, although it is also more difficult, but you can work at home, and the salary is not low, convenient to take care of the family, "there are also old ladies selling vegetables in the village, tourists will also take care of business, driving sales." According to a number of camp staff and bosses, the villagers hired here are paid four or five thousand dollars, and some workers are paid a little more.

Officials: reservoir management area shall not be built camp

On April 26, Nanning Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee replied to the above-mentioned netizen's message on People's Daily Online, saying that the netizen's investment in Luocun's tent camp, located in part of the land around Luocun Reservoir, belongs to the forest land, reservoir water surface and off-water shoreline reservoir protection scope, without going through the procedures of using forest land, soil and water conservation, non-flood control construction projects flood impact assessment report approval and other related procedures, has violated the Forest Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 38, "Water and Soil Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China" and "Flood Control Law of the People's Republic of China" and other laws and regulations, there is damage to forests, causing soil erosion, affecting the safety of water conservancy projects and other situations, set up camping tent camp within the water surface and off the water shoreline reservoir protection range at the same time there are also fallen water and other safety hazards. Please continue to actively cooperate with the management committee, operate in accordance with the law, rectify as soon as possible, effectively eliminate safety hazards, and protect the ecological resources such as forest and water conservancy project safety.

Nanning Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee also said in its reply that the next step will be to further increase the publicity of relevant laws and regulations and actively guide relevant operators to protect and utilize ecological resources in accordance with the law.

Extreme news reporter interviewed that, with the hot camping economy, the past year or two Nanning has a number of tent camps opened, most camps are located in tourist attractions or scenic areas, while the tent camps around the Luocun Reservoir, because of forest land and reservoir management, it is more difficult to get approval.

"This industry belongs to a new industry, there are prospects and demand, but the lack of relevant norms and policies to guide." Zhu Ming (a pseudonym), the owner of a tent camp, told the Extreme News reporter, "This problem is not only present in Guangxi, but is widespread throughout the country, so camping practitioners do not know which approvals they should go for when they enter the industry and lack guidance."

On May 7, a reporter from Polar News called the Water Resources Section of the Social Affairs Bureau of the Nanning Economic and Technological Development Zone to ask what approval procedures were needed to open a tent camp in Luocun. The staff said that because the Luocun reservoir belongs to the reservoir management area, similar tent camps shall not be opened. At present, Luocun reservoir side tent camp will also be dismantled.

Beijing Dacheng (Wuhan) law firm Chai Xin lawyer said that camping is generally in the deserted beaches and hills, as long as the land is approved, and can do the protection of forest land, soil and water resources, restoration, in the case of ensuring the safety of tourists, the state is not excluded from the use of the relevant land resources. However, there are no clear and specific regulations on what additional approvals are needed to open a "camping company". According to the relevant provisions of the Forestry Law, if a camping company temporarily occupies forest land to carry out business activities, it needs to obtain the approval of the forestry department; and according to the provisions of the River Management Regulations, business activities are not allowed next to rivers (including reservoirs), so it is difficult to approve the establishment of campsites next to reservoirs. Lawyer Chai Xin suggested that the state introduce corresponding industry standards, service specifications, safety management regulations, to actively guide the camping industry.

In addition, Chai Xin reminded the camping practitioners that according to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, if the camping company fails to fulfill its obligations of safety and risk warning, resulting in visitors falling into water, being attacked by wild animals, having fire accidents, accidental falls, and receiving other accidental injuries, the camping company, as the organizer of the activity, needs to bear the liability of tort compensation.

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