Guizhou "four strange dishes", all the local people love, foreigners can not stand

Guizhou, with its vast territory, is a sacred place for multi-ethnic exchanges. There are countless beautiful landscapes, colorful small cottages, hanging foot towers everywhere, and a mysterious characteristic food culture.

When it comes to food, Guizhou is like a big family, blending the food habits of different races and passing down the specialties. Of course, there is no lack of strange dishes.

Today, I want to talk to you about those local people in Guizhou as treasures, foreigners can not stand the strange dishes, see if you can eat it?

Guizhou "four strange dishes", all the local people love, foreigners can not stand

Drum Tibetan meat is a Miao specialty. Generally, Miao people will kill a pig in the middle of October to entertain guests, and drum Tibetan meat is an essential food for local guests.

Generally, fresh pork breast is put into a pot and cooked, and then cut into triangles of equal size.

The reason for doing this is said to be to prevent the fatty meat from being too greasy, and then put it into a spare small bowl in the steamer after the drum hid meat is cut.

Steam it in the pot for four or five hours and then take it out. When you take it out, the fat has been steamed to a crystal clear consistency.

With Guizhou's unique hu chili dipping sauce, fresh and juicy, melt in your mouth, no greasy feeling in your mouth at all.

The locals generally let the fatty meat of the drum hide meat to the most honored guests to enjoy although it is a good intention, many foreigners still said they could not eat.

Steamed fatty pork this practice is the first time to see, mainly because the fishy smell of pork is too heavy. The general seasoning can not manage it. So it is difficult for foreigners to convince themselves to eat.

Guizhou "four strange dishes", all the local people love, foreigners can not stand

Dushan County, in the south of Guizhou, produces a very peculiar tasting salt pickle. This dish is still very popular in the region.

Hydrochloric acid is made from the roots and leaves of fresh bok choy, and the whole process is tedious and complicated.

First, the fresh vegetables should be washed, then dried, then washed twice and exposed to the hot sun for one or two days.

After the water inside the bok choy light away seventy to eighty percent, and then salt to rub it, pickled for a day or two, to discharge the water inside the bok choy.

Finally, pick the pickled vegetables, remove, the excess skin and leaves, and then marinate them in secret sweet wine, sugar.

Finally, add chili powder, garlic, white wine and cooking oil in proportion and store them in separate jars, and you can fish them out and enjoy them after about two months.

Hydrochloric acid vegetable has bright color and aromatic smell. The garlic white and garlic seedlings inside fully bring out the aroma, spicy with sour, sour and spicy, salty and sweet, crisp and refreshing, very stimulating to the appetite.

However, foreigners generally find the smell too punchy and choking, and its character is very much like rotten leaves, so it is difficult for foreigners to accept.

Guizhou "four strange dishes", all the local people love, foreigners can not stand

This dish is known far and wide a dish, people who have not been to Guizhou should know this dish. Beef deflated soup is a local specialty in Guizhou, and it's not easy to get it right.

Beef deflated soup is also called: "hundred grass soup" in the mouth of local people, which is to pull out the undigested grass inside the cow's stomach and small intestine.

The juice from it is squeezed out and mixed with cow bile as the soup base, which is generally used by people in Guizhou to shabu-shabu hot pot, with more than a dozen spices added to the mix.

This is often used by the ethnic minorities in Qian southeast China to entertain VIPs, and the beef deflated soup has an indescribable taste, not to mention its appearance.

People who have eaten said quite refreshing, this dish has a lot of local people are deterred, let alone our foreigners.

Guizhou "four strange dishes", all the local people love, foreigners can not stand

There is a saying: "The dog rolls three times, and the gods can't stand still". In Guizhou Huajiang Town, there is a dish of dog meat, which is called "one of the three best dishes in Guizhou".

Hua Jiang first selects the meat dog, cooks the dog with dozens of seasonings and then cuts it into thin slices. The soup used to shabu-shabu the dog must be a dog broth that has been simmered for dozens of hours, and its dipping sauce is also made from a dozen spice blends.

They usually choose to drink the soup while shabu-shabu, dipping in the seasoning, and the aroma of dog meat is not second to donkey meat in any way. And its soup is very tasty.

The nutritional value is quite rich and can be said to be a combination of spicy, fresh and fragrant, no one who has eaten it does not clap their hands.

This dish is delicious but certainly not palatable to many foreigners who do not eat dog meat.

Friends, there are many kinds of weird dishes in Guizhou, their taste is also mixed, what do you think of these four above? I think each place has its own unique cuisine!