Harley-Davidson Offers Half-Priced Learn How To Ride Motorcycle Course

Harley-Davidson Offers Half-Priced Learn How To Ride Motorcycle Course

Harley’s cut the price of its New Rider Course for a limited time. Harley-Davidson

Two years ago, Harley-Davidson President and CEO and Matt Levatich announced the manufacturer’s intentions to grow the ranks of Harley-Davidson riders by two million within 10 years. The company’s recent venture into electric motorcycles and scooters and upcoming models like the Streetfighter and Pan America are tailored toward those goals. Now the Motor Company has slashed the price of its Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course in half for a limited time as another avenue to meet the lofty goal.

The course is offered at select Harley dealerships, taught by certified coaches and includes an endorsement waiver. Harley’s Riding Academy New Rider Course begins with a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic eCourse and an introductory day of classroom instruction followed by two days of learning aboard the bike. The first day of riding focuses on getting to know the motorcycle, from firing it up to clutching and shifting. Each exercise builds upon the next. The second day focuses on riding skills, including cornering, swerving, and maximum braking. The program emphasizes the importance of good riding gear and provides new riders with a solid foundation on the principles of motorcycling.

Harley-Davidson Offers Half-Priced Learn How To Ride Motorcycle Course

Harley-Davidson is actively pursuing new riders by offering entry-level motorcycles like this Street 500 and by teaching motorcycling fundamentals in its New Rider Course. Harley-Davidson

Findings from the Motorcycle Industry Council’s latest Owner Survey drives home the importance of fostering the next generation of riders.

“Demographics are changing for Americans across the country and it’s no different for motorcycle owners,” MIC President and CEO Tim Buche said. “For decades, the MIC Owner Survey has told us a lot about who we are, and we’re now learning how things have shifted since our last study was done in 2014. Some of the stats are encouraging, like the increasing number of women owners (19 percent), while other data, such as the rising median age (50), show where we have more work to do.”

Heidi Skinner, Harley’s global channel marketing director, recently said a third of all students enrolled in Harley’s Riding Academy are women. Harley-Davidson

The owner survey also reported that more than half of the emerging group of millennial motorcyclists have taken a training course like Harley-Davidson’s Riding Academy. Not surprisingly, the survey also stated that many millennials use their bikes for commuting and 69 percent say they are interested in electric motorcycles, citing fuel and the environment as top drivers.

Harley-Davidson’s half-price offer started February 15 and ends March 3, 2019. The discount can be applied to any H-D Riding Academy New Rider Course found at Use the promo code “RIDE50.” And even though the window of opportunity to sign up is limited, it can be applied to any New Rider Course between now and December 31, 2019. The offer is capped at the first 10,000 customers, so if you or somebody you know has been wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle, this is a golden opportunity. As Harley puts it, turn “someday I’ll ride a motorcycle” into “today.”