Harvard study: people with gray hair are less likely to get cancer? Is it true or not?

"Don't pull out the white hair!"

It is said that middle-aged people are not easy, Mr. Zhang is only 37 years old this year found himself sprouting gray hair, this morning when looking in the mirror, found that the sideburns there again grew gray hair, ready to pluck when his mother shouted at him, let him not pluck.

"White hair fights cancer, that's a good thing!" She took out a small science video she saw on her phone yesterday, in which the expert swore that research has been able to prove that people with white hair are more resistant to cancer. Zhang listened carefully to the expert's words and was puzzled.

Harvard study: people with gray hair are less likely to get cancer? Is it true or not?

A. People with white hair are not prone to cancer, true or false?

The rumor comes from a Harvard University study that showed that gray hair production is actually a protective mechanism in the body, suggesting that the destruction of melanin-producing stem cells and their removal can reduce the risk of cancer.

Is this really the case?

In fact, this study is derived from a mouse model study in 2009 to explore the graying of hair, the study does not have data analysis related to the incidence of cancer, the so-called "gray hair to reduce the risk of cancer" statement is also a misinterpretation of foreign media reports, leading to the wrong conclusion. And based on the reality, older people have a much higher chance of developing cancer than younger people, which contradicts the conclusion.

Harvard study: people with gray hair are less likely to get cancer? Is it true or not?

He Huiying, director of the Department of Dermatology at Zhejiang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also responded that gray hair is mainly related to genetics, mental factors, tyrosinase defects and other factors, and there is no clinical evidence that people with more gray hair are not prone to cancer. So stop spreading rumors with rumors!

Second, more and more gray hair, in fact, the body is telling you these things

There are numerous rumors about gray hair among the people, and the increasing number of gray hair is actually feedback on which problems of our body?


As the body ages, the body's functions decline and the supply of hair follicle organ tissues cannot meet the demand for melanin particles, and gray hair appears one by one, a normal sign of aging.

However, due to the influence of genetics, Asians generally have gray hair in their late 30s and 40s, which is congenital, and the earlier the parents have gray hair, the earlier their children will have "early hair".


Gray hair is also a manifestation of certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, hyperthyroidism, gastrointestinal disorders, vitiligo, and anemia.

3, malnutrition too

People who are partial eaters, picky eaters or vegetarians are prone to inadequate intake of nutrients in the body. If the body is chronically deficient in zinc, copper or iron, or if there is a vitamin deficiency, the probability of gray hair will also increase.

Harvard study: people with gray hair are less likely to get cancer? Is it true or not?

4、The spirit is too nervous

Long-term high pressure, tension, anxiety, irritability and other emotions, or suddenly suffered a mental shock, mental stress will affect the operation of the autonomic nervous system, interfering with the secretion of melanin, but also easy to grow gray hair.

5、Lack of movement too

Sedentary people, due to the obstruction of blood circulation in the body, nutrition is difficult to nourish the scalp, will also affect the secretion of melanin.

Three, plucking gray hair worried about more and more? May be more and more bald

When looking in the mirror, see the "eye-catching" white hair, always can not help but want to do, but the rumors: white hair pull a long ten! What is the truth?

1、Pulling white hair, may grow out or white hair

As we age, the melanin synthesis capacity of hair follicles decreases and gray hair naturally emerges. This process progresses steadily no matter how many you pluck or let them grow. When you pluck the gray hair, neither black hair will be produced at the follicle, nor will a few more gray hairs appear without cause.

Harvard study: people with gray hair are less likely to get cancer? Is it true or not?

2、Too hard, hurt the hair follicle, can not grow hair

It needs to be acknowledged that with the passage of time, the gray hair is bound to get more and more, see the gray hair plucked, easy to damage the hair follicle, repeatedly pull out the hair for a long time, but also easy to cause folliculitis, or even destroy the hair follicle no longer grow hair. In other words, the white hair has not grown out, you may have "thank you".

Fourth, there is no special medicine for reversing gray hair, don't be fooled

Some hair care institutions will use "special medicine for gray hair" as a gimmick in order to attract attention. In this regard, Dr. Duan Xiaohan of the Dermatology Department of Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital in Beijing said that from a medical point of view, the hair follicle pigment stem cells have been depleted and cannot be turned black again, there is no so-called "special medicine", so do not believe in the various products available on the market for the treatment of gray hair.

However, there is one situation where gray hair may have a chance to "turn black", and that is when the graying is caused by psychological factors.

Harvard study: people with gray hair are less likely to get cancer? Is it true or not?

A study by Columbia University researchers published in bioRxiv found evidence that human hair turns gray under stress and returns to its natural color when the stress is removed. The results of this study provide new ideas about the reversibility of human hair graying, except that this reversal needs to begin after the hair has gone gray.

White hair against cancer is ultimately just a rumor. In everyday life, most people will gradually develop gray hair because of their age, and some people who are under long-term stress and tension, if they develop gray hair, they should adjust their lifestyles as soon as possible in order to minimize the occurrence of gray hair.


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