Have you lost any AirPods?

Have you lost any AirPods?

Even before I talked myself into upgrading to the new AirPods earlier this year, the truly wireless headphones were my favorite device I owned. Which is probably why it didn’t take all that long to convince me I needed a new pair. Plus, it helped that the battery life wasn’t as great as it used to be at the time, which made sense considering just how often I used the original pair I owned.

Apple made transporting the AirPods pretty easy, too, thanks not only to the fact the headphones themselves are small and lightweight, but the same can be said for the charging case, too. It’s small enough to fit in the coin pocket in most of my pants, and that’s exactly where the case goes more often than not.

Because the AirPods go with me everywhere, even if I don’t have any specific plans of listening to music while I’m out.

Ever since I picked up the first pair of AirPods, and it hasn’t changed with the newest version of the truly wireless design, I’ve brought the AirPods with me everywhere I go. That isn’t too strange for me in general, because I typically have headphones on me anyway. But the AirPods just make it so much easier thanks to their design.

But that design can also lead to some scary moments, too. While I haven’t lost the AirPods, or even a single AirPod, or the charging case for that matter, it has come close. Right after the AirPods launched, and I had gotten my pair, I went out to dinner with a few friends. I let one check out the AirPods and charging case, and then our food showed up.

I was still new to the truly wireless design concept (no matter how badly I had wanted them to be a reality), and so when something else came up and distracted me, I wasn’t ready to have to remember a charging case or the headphones themselves. I walked right out of that restaurant and almost drove off completely before remembering I had forgotten something very important.

That hasn’t happened again, thankfully. And I’ll go ahead and knock on wood here, but I haven’t had another close call since. Basically, while I’m out, the charging case never leaves my pocket for more than a few seconds — just long enough to either put the AirPods away or remove them from the case. And the same goes for the AirPods themselves: they’re either in my ear or in the case.

I’ve been pretty lucky with this, and I know it. I wouldn’t want to have to replace an AirPod or a charging case — even if it’s great that you can replace those things individually and you don’t have to buy a new pair of AirPods to just get one replaced.

But, I’m curious if you, or anyone you know, has lost an AirPod (or other truly wireless headphone for that matter). If so, did you get it replaced? Or is that when you called it quits on the wireless headphone design? Let me know!