Here Are The 10 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

It has been a decade since the iPhone first launched in the UK. And over the past 10 years, the device has become one of the most popular in UK households, The Chronicle reports. But very few people know the extent of exactly what iPhones are capable of, especially Apple’s amazing virtual assistant, Siri.

The equipment has a range of great features, from various uses of Siri to ways of maintaining the phone’s battery.

Here is a list of 10 things you might be missing out on your iPhone, explaining how to enable the features.

1. See Everywhere You’ve Been

You iPhone tracks each place you’ve been.

Press Settings, head to Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services then scroll to the bottom and select Frequent locations.

2. Use Siri to Find Photos Quickly

Using iOS 9 or above, you can ask Siri to filter photos by date or location. For example, you could say “show me photos from 2013 taken in Spain”, which will take you straight to the photos.

Siri can find your photos instantly by filtering based on date or location.

3. Use Siri to Keep On Top of Messages

Don’t have the time to reply to a text or email? Simply tell Siri to “remind you to read this text later”.

4. Save Battery

If you’re running low on juice and just need your phone’s basic features, head to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and click “Grayscale”.

5. Use Siri Hands-free

Instead of holding down the home button to launch Siri, just enable Hey Siri and quite simply say “Hey Siri”. From there you can then use Apple’s assistant to read and reply to messages.

6. Find Out Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery

Head over to Settings -> Battery, this will tell you which apps are occupying the most battery power.

7. Have Siri Read Anything

Siri is capable of reading articles, books, text and more. Just go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Speech and turn on speak screen and speak selection.

8. Search for Anything in the Settings Menu

Gone are the days of digging through the iPhone’s Settings menu, you can now use a search bar at the top of the menu to jump to any given setting.

9. Access Emergency Medical Info from the Lock Screen

Set up a Medical ID in the Health app and you can access medical info without having to unlock your phone, just tap Emergency and you’ll see the Medical ID button.

10. Launch A Music App with Your Earphones

If you listen to music at the same time every day, your phone will automatically launch the music app as soon as you plug your earphones in.


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