Here's everything iOS 13 is expected to have on offer

After Google, Apple is gearing up to host a big event and showcase its software products, including the all new iOS 13.

The update is expected to bring a number of changes aimed at improving the user experience of iOS users and reviving the interest in iPhones.

Here's everything we expect to see on the mobile operating system.

System-wide dark mode

Here's everything iOS 13 is expected to have on offer

Just like Android Q, iOS 13 is also rumored to incorporate a system-wide dark mode to improve battery life of iPhones and to make it user-friendly.

We don't know what this theme would look like, but a previous report from 9To5Mac had revealed it would be applied from settings and would offer a high-contrast version, much like MacOS's dark mode.


Swipe to type gestures in keyboard

In addition to dark mode, iOS 13 is expected to borrow another Android-specific feature - swipe-to-type gestures.

Yes, just like what you have been seeing on SwiftKey keyboard for Android, the keyboard for iOS could also let you type out words by sliding your thumb over corresponding letters in one motion.

The option is already in testing, according to a recent Bloomberg report.

New Volume HUD, interface changes

Here's everything iOS 13 is expected to have on offer

Apple will finally deal with the annoying volume HUD that shows up at the center, replacing it with a more subtle indicator.

Apart from this, iOS 13 is expected to bring a bunch of interface changes, such as new animation for launching multitasker and closing apps as well as redesigned widgets appearing on the left of home screen.

Changes into iMessage, Reminder app

Apple will revamp iMessage with options to add a display name, profile picture and a way to send Animojis and Memojis as stickers.

The Reminder app will also be updated with a new interface hosting sections for 'tasks to be done today, all tasks, scheduled tasks, and flagged tasks'; they will be highlighted with different color schemes.

Health app will get new capabilities

Here's everything iOS 13 is expected to have on offer

The Bloomberg report also noted that the Health app will get a major upgrade, thanks to the introduction of new capabilities.

It would get a refreshed home page outlining daily activity and sections for 'hearing health' and menstrual cycle tracking, much like that offered by period-tracking app Flo.

Notably, Apple will also combine Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a new app.

Enhanced multitasking functions on iPad

Recent reports have indicated that iOS 13 will also bring deeper multitasking functions, especially for the iPad.

The feature will allow users of the tablet to run the same app in multiple windows.

Each window will be presented in the form of a card which you will be able to move around the screen, stack on top of each other or side by side.

Gesture-based undo and redo actions

Here's everything iOS 13 is expected to have on offer

The annoying undo feature that involved shaking the device physically is getting changed with touch-based gestures on iOS 13.

You might be able to drag three fingers left and right on the keyboard to undo or redo something you have written.

Also, the operating system will allow you to select multiple items in a list or collection by dragging fingers across them.

Many minor improvements in the pipeline

Apple is expected to bring many smaller improvements into iOS.

This, as reports suggest, could include better font management, language support, and 'Hey Siri' detection.

Notably, Apple could also improve the Mail and Maps apps and enhance share sheet to make it easier for users to send photos/videos to frequently contacted people; it could even launch enhanced parental controls to limit kids' iPhone access.